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This is part of the Random Kingdom factbook.

The Chairman of Random Kingdom is the officially recognized head of state of Random Kingdom. His/her powers are purely symbolic; all legislative power is held by the general populace, which includes the chairman.


Election and Political Influence

Chairmen are elected to an eight-year term that can be waived in favour of an early election at any time by the people or after the death of a Chairman - an early election motion must have a majority of roughly 66% to pass. Whilst in power, Chairmen are regarded as "the voice of the people", and play an active role in diplomacy; however, they have no powers internally, such as the right to veto. They are generally looked up to by civilians, though, and often serve to rally their people in times of crisis.

The Two Offices

There are in effect two Chairmen: the Human Chairman and the Civerian Chairman. Although the former is often regarded as the most important (and is often the sole chairman considered HoS), both positions are of entirely equal value to both races. However, as the majority of the world is dominated by humans, the Human Chairman plays a more active diplomatic role.

The Title

In general formal speech, both Chairmen are addressed as either "My Chairman" (by residents) and "Mr. Chairman" (by envoys). Female Chairpeople are addressed as "My Lady" or "Lady Chairperson" respectively, although there has not yet been a female Chairman. The full, rarely-used title, is "Elected Chairman of the People of the Communist Democracy of Random Kingdom".


The position of Chairman started out as the position of (Human) Representative, who served as a human counterpart to The Core. After some time a Non-Human Representative was elected to serve as the Civerian (then geckoid) people's own version. Human Representative Jay Aldria, bypassing the usual voting process for constitutional changes, changed the title to Chairman shortly after taking office for still unknown reasons.

Chairmen and Representatives of Random Kingdom

This list lists all researched current and former Representatives and Chairman of Random Kingdom.


Human Representatives

  • Acoran Smith II, died in office
    • Assassinated by his father.
  • Cornia Eyrie, deposed due to insanity
    • During the third RK civil war, Eyrie was found to have feigned insanity to evade death. By RK law, if a Chairman that has been replaced due to inability to serve (insanity, disability etc) is later found to have faked the inability with good reason, then he/she is retroactively reinstated. This gave Eyrie the ability to pass on the office to Aldria.
  • Salera Bonman-Perita, elected, unable to fulfill duties
    • She is still alive, though is now a living part of the Core due to total memory loss.


  • Jay Aldria, installed by Cornia Eyrie, died in office
    • Executed whilst trying to save the nation from terrorists.
  • Dr. Nathan Atille, elected