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Forum: Charis Regional Forum
Population: 46 nations
Delegate: Paradica
Founder: East Imperfectia
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Charis was once an independant region, founded by East Imperfectia. It then merged with Aberdeen to form the United Regions Of Charis-Aberdeen, abbreviated to Uroca. Charis is the eastern sub-region of Uroca. Notable incidents within Charis include the outbreak of a virus, the Bjerhj civil war, and the kidnapping of Princess Rosie of Archid.

Charter of Charis

Preamble to the Charter of the Region of Charis

We, the nations of Charis, have come together to offer peace to our land. We have come together in recognition of the differences that we have as well as in recognition of the similarities that we share. We have come together to create a system of regional government that respects, preserves, and protects the rights of all people*. We have come together to ensure the sovereignty of the individual nation in most matters, and to create a union of nations governed in the spirit of Peace, Social Justice, Equality, and Democracy to ensure maters of relevance to all of Charis. We have come together, because it is only together that we can show forth a message of peace to the larger NationStates world. We, the nations of Charis, have come together and agree to abide by the articles and rights expressed within this Charter.

"People" here shall be defined as any member, descendant or clone of an intelligent species, regardless of gender, heritage, sexual preference, beliefs and values, mental or physical condition, nationality or age.

Charter of Charis

Article 1. Establishing the Legislative Branch of the Regional Government of Charis

A Regional Senate shall be created. The Senate shall be comprised of all member nations who choose to participate in the forum of the Region of Charis, excluding the Regional Governor , UN Delegate and Judiciary who may participate in Senate debate, but may not introduce or vote on Senate resolutions. Its business shall be conducted in a new forum designated for this purpose.

Any member of the Senate may introduce a resolution in the Senate forum each week. After a resolution is proposed, it shall be open to debate in the Senate for one week. During this time it may be amended, altered or withdrawn only by the proposing Senator. At the end of one week of debate, the resolution shall be placed on a ballot and voted on by the Senate. The resolution shall pass with a simple majority.

Any member of the Senate who believes that a resolution passed by the Senate violates the charter or founding spirit of the Region of Charis may, with the support of two additional member nations, appeal their case to the Judiciary.

Article 2. Establishing the Executive Branch of the Regional Government of Charis

A Regional Governor and a United Nations Delegate shall be democratically elected by all Charis member nations every three months, beginning on the first Sunday of the month, and may be reelected to as many terms as the members see fit.

The Regional Governor will be charged with carrying out resolutions passed by the Senate pertaining to domestic issues within the region of Charis.

The Regional Governor shall nominate, from among the members of the Senate of Charis, a Cabinet to oversee and manage various departments of the government. The nomination of a cabinet member shall be followed by one week of open debate in the Senate. After one week of debate, Cabinet nominees shall be subject to a vote in the Senate and confirmed by a simple majority.

The United Nations Delegate will be charged with carrying out resolutions passed by the Senate pertaining to foreign affairs as well as participating in UN debate and voting on resolutions within the United Nations.

Both the Regional Governor and United Nations Delegate may be removed from office by a two thirds majority vote in the Senate. A vote to remove either Regional Governor or UN Delegate is open to debate, but is not open to amendments or substitutions.

Article 3. Establishing the Judiciary Branch of the Regional Government of Charis

Finally, the Commonwealth of East Imperfectia, as founder of the region, shall be appointed Supreme Independent Judiciary by the Charter Convention of the Region of Charis.

The Judiciary shall ensure that the actions of the Senate, Regional Governor and United Nations Delegate adhere to the founding principles of the Region of Charis and has power to eject or ban nations from the region.

The Judiciary has the power to veto resolutions after they have been appealed by a member of the Senate along with two supporting members.


We, the Regional Senate of the region of Charis, wishing to amend Article 2 of the Regional Charter do approve the following Changes:

1. The term limit of the Regional Governor and the United Nations Delegate shall be extended from two months to three months.

2. The first paragraph of Article 2 of the Regional Charter shall be ammended to read, "A Regional Governor and a United Nations Delegate shall be democratically elected by all Charis member nations every three months, beginning on the first Sunday of the month, and may be reelected to as many terms as the members see fit."

3. This and all future amendments to the Regional Charter may be voted on by ALL members of Charis, regardless of government postion held, and must be approved by 2/3 of the votes cast. It will take effect immediately upon passage.

Political History of Charis

  • Regional Governors

April 2006 - May 2006: Roma Magna

June 2006 - September 2006: Wzzt

October 2006 - Present: Bjerhjinanikle

  • UN Delegates

April 2006 - September 2006: Shadow Prophets

October 2006 - Present: Paradica

Timeline of Charis

All events in this timeline are organized in chronological order, with the oldest events appearing first.

Month 1 March

  • The region of Charis is founded.
  • The Charis Charter is voted on and becomes the governing document of the region.
  • The Despixin virus is discovered in Shaoba, and quickly spreads to several other nations in Charis. Shaoba's capital is razed to contain the virus.
  • A proposal to bring cleaner energy into Charis was put up for vote. This bill was introduced by Lukkasia. In it included the plans to build a region-wide train system, that would connect all of the nations together.

Month 2 April

  • Lukkasia's proposal for cleaner energy is passed.
  • Roma Magna is elected Regional Governor and Shadow Prophets is elected UN Delegate under the recently-passed charter.
  • Roma Magna teeters on the brink of war with Hespatin. Thoy also prepares to get involved in this possible war, but Roma Magna backs down before the crisis turns into a war.

Month 3 May

  • The Culture Capital of Charis Award is created. East Imperfectia and Wzzt are the only two contestants.

Month 4 June

  • As stated by the Charter, elections are held again. Roma Magna chose not to run for a second term. Wzzt, Thoy, and Hespatin run for Regional Governor, and Shadow Prophets runs uncontested for a second term as UN Delegate. Wzzt is elected as the second Regional Governor and Shadow Prophets is re-elected as UN Delegate.
  • The Bjerhjinanikle War, the largest war in Charis so far, begins. It lasts for about a month.
  • Pelagian, the capital of East Imperfectia, wins the Culture Capital of Charis Award.
  • A shortage of oil in Hespatin leads to a region-wide oil crisis
  • The regional plot of Charis, formerly plot #23, undergoes heavy development.

Month 5 July

  • The Bjerhjinanikle War ends with a fight between two of the original three founders of the country. Jaukara and Bjerhjinanikle are reunited.
  • The oil crisis in the region continues.
  • The regional capital of Charis goes through a suggestion forum as well as a run-off election, and is eventually decided that Libertia will be the new name of the regional capital.
  • Princess Rosie of Archid is kidnapped, and several nations come to their aid to find her.

Month 6 August

  • Elections are held again, and both Wzzt and Shadow Prophets run uncontested for their positions, and both are re-elected.
  • The oil crisis in the region led Wzzt to propose a bill that would allow the creation of a system of region-wide oil reserves.
  • The oil crisis eventually resolves itself.

Month 7 September

  • Deadly Vapors colonizes an asteroid, which it calls New Deep Floan. Many other nations also help colonize it.

Month 8 October

Major Events of Charis

  • Regional Viral Infection

In the first month of the founding of Charis, a virus was discovered in a few nations which resided in the middle area of Charis. Soon after, the virus spread to a whole host of other nations. In the end, however, the epidemic ceased and the virus disappeared off the the face of the region. But, because of this virus a whole city in a now-extinct nation was destroyed completely.

  • Roma Magna/Hespatin Crisis

After the viral infection, the nations of Roma Magna, who was serving as Regional Governor at the time, and Hespatin were not on good terms, and Roma Magna proceeded to take hold of parts of Hespatin. However, those troops retreated and a peace treaty of sorts was formed before the crisis could get out of hand.

  • Regional Plot Creation

In May 2006, a proposal was passed by the Regional Senate of Charis that created a piece of land in the middle of Charis to be used by the region as a whole. This proposal was passed unanimously, and it called for this plot (named plot 23 before the proposal) to be where the regional capital (later decided to be called Libertia), regional army headquarters, and regional natural preserves to be located. Along with those things, the Regional Army was created, where every nation in Charis was required to donate something to the army, whether it be troops, equipment, or supplies. Construction on it began immediately, and as of September 1, 2006, the capital is mostly complete, along with the Regional Army Headquarters and the Regional Army Air Base.

  • Bjerhjinanikle War

In June 2006, the island nation of Bjerhjinanikle was soon to be the center of a war, that although occured over a small area of land, involved many nations of Charis and even a part of the Regional Army. The conflict was a civil war between the two halves of Bjerhjinanikle: the dictatorship of Bjerhj and the free nation of Jaukara.

  • Charter Amendment

In October 2006, the first amendment to the charter was passed with an 8-0 majority. It was originally proposed by Wzzt and was supported by Paradica and East Imperfectia. There was little worry that it would pass and sure enough it easily won the required 66%.

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