Charlotte Ryberg

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The Mind of
Charlotte Ryberg
Flag of Charlotte Ryberg
National motto: We don't have a coat of arms but we do have a brand.
National anthem: citizen's choice, so long it isn't offensive
Region Funen
Capital Amalienborg RP
Largest City Funen SP
Population 1.374 billion (6th November 2007)
Suffrage no age limit, so long as a person can

vote properly

Official Language(s) Danish, Penguinese, Algebraic
Outright Leader
Deputy and Intern
Established Lunatic Anarchy
Charlotte Ryberg
Franziska Von Qualen
Sovereignty Type: Hereditary
Independence Referendum

c.500 BC
5th May 1995
ISO Nation Code CHRB(NS), ECR(ISO)
Currency kroner (kr), 1000 pula (AVN)
Time Zone Individual decision; anyone can set

the time to whatever they see fit.

• Summer (DST) Voluntary, and varies according

to the citizen's liking.

Internet TLD .cr
Calling Code +11
National Symbols
 • Sport
 • Animal
 • Fruit
 • Flower

the crucian carp
Danish fruit & nut cake
The Maiden pink (Dianthus deltoides)
UN Status Delegate
Info: NationStates NSEconomy Pipian NS Tracker XML
  • Charlotte Ryberg is an UN delegate of Funen
  • Population: 1.367 billion as of 6th November 2007, increasing as refugees flock past the borders.
  • Currency: The kroner (kr), 1000 pula

The Mind of Charlotte Ryberg, strongly against the concept of a coat of arms, is a massive country. Its citizens have a reasonable amount of civil rights, as well as the freedom of financial management, and the freedom of vote, although not too many turn up often.

The country boasts some of the world's longest place names.

The current priorities of the government of Charlotte Ryberg is Education, although it has paid a lot of attention in bringing crime rates down to zero with the help of excellent policies of welfare. The government is also in support of a world-class economy in the long term. The predominant industry in the private sector is Book Publishing, closely followed by Arms manufacturing, and controversially, gambling. Space-age weapons are heavily invested. The income tax is very punishing in order to make ends meet, set at 93%; the wealthier select actually pay more.

Despite this, the rich are privileged to take advantage of the latest medical advancements. Meanwhile, children, although well educated, are taught how to kill a man from six paces.

Since its foundation, the Athenian Kroner is legal tender in Charlotte Ryberg, although local issues are freely in circulation.