Charter of the Triumvirate of Yut

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The Charter of the Triumvirate of Yut is the defining document of the Triumvirate of Yut. It has been used as a basis for many organizations, including the Collectivist Alliance and the Order of the Seraphim.




The Triumvirate of Yut, as established by its signatory nations, is to:

1. Provide for the common defense of all Yut members.

2. Provide for the common cause and welfare of all Yut members.

3. Provide a federal structure for peaceful relations between all Yut members.

4. Any other purposes determined in the future my common consensus that are needed.

We find Earth to be a cold place of suffering and hatred. By escaping to the stars, we shall found a new society where the interest of ones fellow sentient can be placed above the interest of the individual. Through a vision of the future and a realistic assessment of the present, we shall achieve an internal peace the likes of which that have only been imagined in the past.

The Triumvirate of Yut shall assemble a fleet of colony vessels and colonize Titan, moon of Saturn. There it will establish its new society and its new home.

The Triumvirate of Yut shall expand to colonize the entire Saturn System and use its resources for the betterment of all members.

The Triumvirate of Yut announces its goals to combat genocide and oppression on Earth using diplomacy and military extraction operations if necessary. To this goal, the First Titan Expeditionary Force (1st TEF) of the Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services (TYCS) will be formed and sent into the Earth theatre, based out of the Earth Trojan Orbit space station Valhalla.

The Triumvirate of Yut announces its goal to build an artificial ring habitat around the Saturnian System to provide living space for its people into the known future. Also, this Ring shall be open for nations that meet the Triumvirate of Yut?s standards to colonize.


All member states of the Triumvirate of Yut shall allocate a negotiated amount of its annual budget to the common defense of the Triumvirate of Yut. These forces will be under the command of the Triumvirate of Yut Combined Services (TYCS) and be used to maintain peace in the Triumvirate of Yut?s domain as well as execute its declared objectives abroad.

All member states will be allowed to maintain a standing self-controlled military force inside Saturnian System space, but these forces may not exceed either in number nor in funding the forces contributed to the TYCS.

All nations living in Triumvirate of Yut space will be allowed to maintain a standing self-defense force, but it may not equal more than ten percent in numbers nor funding as the TYCS.


All signatory nations of the Triumvirate of Yut will have free trade in ideas and products in between them. Freedom of movement will not be restricted within the Triumvirate of Yut except in cases of extreme emergency, including but not limited to quarantine and martial law situations. Triumvirate of Yut members will not put tariffs on products from other members, and will give other members preferential trading status over non-members.

Any emergency in any member state shall be responded to by all other member states with aid.


The Triumvirate of Yut Council will be made of the leaders of each member country, kept in constant contact via telecommunications assets. The Council will have a ?first amongst equals? structure, with debates and parliamentary procedures as follows: 1. One leader may speak at a time, with a ten-minute time limit per speaker. 2. Declarations of War require a two-thirds majority. 3. Changes to the Triumvirate of Yut Charter require a two-thirds majority. 4. Usage of Military Forces requires a simple majority. 5. Changes in Foreign Policy require a simple majority. The ?first among equals? will be the founding members of the Triumvirate of Yut (Karmabaijan, Scolopendra, Suunto), who will hold veto power. Vetos can be overturned with a three-fourths majority.

The Triumvirate of Yut may only make laws pertinent to the Triumvirate?s international relations, internal relations between members, and its stated purposes. The internal sovereignty of each member nation is ensured.


This document is intended to be changed to meet the changing realities in the future. As according to Article Four, the Charter of the Triumvirate of Yut may be amended with a two-thirds majority of member nations.


Ordinance Enabled Karmic Hegemony of Karmabaijan
Federated Segments of Scolopendra
Corporate Protectorate of Suunto
Principality of Berserker
Queendom of Zero-One
Dominion of LaRhiannon [un-extant]
Eternal Noldorin Empire of Menelmacar
Incorporated States of Nexus Industries [un-extant]
Imperial Union of Cetaganda
Imperial Commonwealth of Khenala
Most Serene Republic of Maryu [un-extant]
Emerald Heights of The SLAGLands
Mearclanda of Freod
Archailect of Angelus
United Celdr Empire of Eniqcir
Dominion of Dread Lady Nathicana
The Territory Co-Prosperity Sphere
Immortal Shogunate and Affiliated Territories of Reploid Productions
Herpetological Empire of Sakkra
Libertarian Paradise of Sunset
Intergalactic Confederacy of Ravenspire
The Empire of Treznor
The Serene^Union of Kaenei
The Defensive Pacifist Nation of Sneaky Bastards
The Free Waukeenar States of Imnsvale




Sentience is defined as having all the capabilities of: Usage of language to communicate complex abstract ideas, the ability to come to conclusions given insufficient data (leaps of intuition), and the ability to form original ideas (creativity). Sentience is independent of the form it takes, be it the various forms of organic or electronic life.


1. All sentient beings are entitled to compensation for work. Slavery in all forms is hereby banned in the Triumvirate of Yut. 2. All sentient beings are entitled to fair and equal consideration by the governments and total societies of the Triumvirate of Yut, including all branches at all levels of government, federal and local. All sentient beings are entitled to free peaceful movement and communication inside and between member states of the Triumvirate of Yut.


1. The Triumvirate is not required to participate in any aggressive military action started unilaterally by any single member or group for member. This is to prevent the Triumvirate from being dragged into a war in the interest of a single nation.

2. Furthermore, any ongoing non-mutual defense military action can be immediately ceased if a majority of the Triumvirate votes to end it.


In the event where circumstances call for a reexamination of membership status of a signatory nation, an expulsion process has been formalized as follows:

1. A current member brings forth charges of violation of the Triumvirate of Yut Charter, and/or brings forth charges of other misconduct which brings that nation's actions into question. The accusing nation presents this information to the Triumvirate of Yut Council for review by all signatory nations.

2. The expulsion request will be brought up for a 2/3rds majority vote. Representatives of both the accusing nation and the accused nation will be present to answer any questions the Council may have.

3. If the expulsion passes a 2/3rds majority vote, final approval rests with the First Among Equals Council. A veto from any of the three members will result in dismissal of the expulsion request.

4. If the expulsion passes both 2/3rds majority vote and no veto is forthcoming from the First Among Equals Council, the accused nation will be expelled from the Triumvirate of Yut and the requirements and benefits of the charter as listed above.

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