Chemical Weaponry Ban

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This proposal reached quorum, get 183 approvals, then the author, Sheknu, asked mods to delete it.

Proposal Text

Chemical Weaponry Ban
A resolution to slash worldwide military spending

Category: Global Disarmament Strength: Significant Proposed By: Sheknu

The UN,

FULLY CONVINCED effective international cooperation and law is required for world peace,

APPALLED at the effects of chemical weaponry, including death, injury, and damage, having the potential to affect non-involved parties and cause medical, biological and environmental problems long after the cessation of hostilities,

DEEPLY CONCERNED chemical weaponry constitutes a major threat, due to the potential for vast damage if improperly stored or appropriated by terrorist organizations,

CONDEMNING chemical weaponry, and determined to effectively eliminate it,

STRESSING the importance of responsible decommissioning of chemical weaponry, as improper disposal could be as hazardous as direct use thereof,

NOT WISHING to limit legitimate trade in chemicals, and noting such trade could increase international cooperation in socioeconomic development,

CALLING INTO MIND UN Resolution #120, 'Repeal "Ban Chemical Weapons"', and its distinction between chemical weaponry for military purposes and mild chemical agents used for police action,

OBSERVING certain chemical agents can be used responsibly in the maintenance of law and order, whilst further observing that some chemicals with legitimate applications in industry, agriculture, medicine etc. could be weaponised by terrorist organizations:

1. DEFINES for the purposes of this resolution: (a) "chemical weaponry" as: i. toxic chemicals and precursors primarily designed for production of toxic chemicals; ii. munitions and devices primarily designed to kill or harm through the action of toxic chemicals; iii. any equipment primarily designed for cooperative use with said munitions and devices;

(b) "toxic chemical" as a chemical that, through its chemical action on life processes, causes death or permanent harm to animal species, and that has reasonable potential as a military weapon,

(c) "precursor" as a chemical reactant that takes part at any stage in the production of a toxic chemical;

2. DECLARES chemical weaponry not necessary for national defence,

3. PROHIBITS: i. production, development, possession, distribution or use of chemical weaponry; ii. aid or inducement towards the production, development or use of chemical weaponry by any party, including but not limited to non-state terrorist organizations; iii. the use of toxic chemicals of legitimate civilian application for military purposes; iv. the production of precursors for use in the assembly of chemical weapons;

4. REQUIRES: i. the destruction of all chemical weaponry; ii. the destruction, or complete conversion to civilian application, of all facilities previously directed to the production, development, storage or deployment of chemical weaponry; iii. that such measures are carried out promptly, but that due regard for health, environmental and security concerns is taken;

5. MANDATES that all member nations immediately disclose details of any transfers of chemical weaponry, toxic chemicals, precursors likely to be used in the production of chemical weaponry, or equipment pertaining to the production of chemical weaponry, to or from any nations or non-state organizations in the past 10 years;

6. RESERVES the right of member nations to use riot control agents in the cause of maintaining law and order, but urges that such measures only be employed where the risk to civilians presented by the disturbance of the peace significantly outweighs that of the use of riot control agents.

Approvals: 183

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

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