Cherry Cup

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The trophy that represents excellence in the world of ice hockey. The much-sought-after symbol of victory; The Don Cherry Cup, the greatest prize in the fastest game on earth.

The Cherry Cup tournament is one of the longest-running sports competitions in the world of NationStates. Founded by Kalaallit Nunaat, the tournament is now approaching its seventeenth incarnation. One of the beauties of the Cherry Cup is that its format changes from one incarnation to the next. This was most obvious when, after Kalaallit Nunaat became an ex-nation following Cherry Cup 18, new host Squornshelous changed the name to the Aglukark-Cherry Cup in honor of Susan Aglukark, of Kalaallit Nunaat, Iansisle and Her Other Dependencies Beyond the Sea Queen and Sovereign, Defender of the Sport of Hockey, the even-keeled and benevolent leader of that Greenlandic nation.

To quote Iansisle: "this isn't the World Cup of (Ice) Hockey, it's the Cherry Cup"