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Flag of Chicanada
Motto: "What the hell, it's just an accent!"
Map of Chicanada
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Cana
Official Language(s) English [official], French, Romanesch
Leader Presidum Jeradine Lyiali
High Minister Paul Wyatt
Currency Chicanadian pence 
NS Sunset XML


Edited upon completed transfer to Atlantian Oceania.

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History of the Federated States of Chicanada

The lands now know as Chicanada have a rich history. British sailors discovered the northern colony of Livingston in 1586 ECE and moved south, eventually reaching and settling the area that is now known as Douala. Eventually, the lands around Douala became part of the Township Enclave and eventually creating the Palm Colony along the southern reach of Chicanada in 1589 ECE. French scout ships set up trading posts along the northern shoreline while exploring the territories, eventually laying claim to the Isla Lands in 1604 ECE. Palm Colony was incorporated into the Cana Lands in 1610 ECE. The Kingdom of Ris, to the northeast of Isla, was a self-sustained kingdom founded by Prince Sani The Right in 1423 ECE.

The Confederacy was officially founded in 1820 ECE. Before the Confederacy, the regions of Cana, Isla, Township were under protectorate rule from either Great Britain or Belgium. The Kingdom of Ris in 1775 ECE purchased the lands of Cana and Isla from Belgium and formed the Incorporated States of Risa. In 1795 Township entered into a war against Great Britain and won official autonomy in 1802. In 1803 the ISR and Great Britain agreed to allow Township into the ISR as a Republic of Isla. After the Great War of 1812, the ISR began discussing disolving the current structure and forming a new union. In 1820, at the behest of Cana, the Conferedated States of Chicanada were signed in Cana City, Palm Colony.

In 1923 ECE, the Confederacy of Chicanada became the Federated Cantons of Chicanada under a new Canton-region system. In addition, the Risian Kingdom was officially declared de facto rulers of the Risian Kingdom Autonomous Region and make all major decisions while staying part of the FCC.

At the end of 1932, the FCC began a transfer of regions to Atlantian Oceania. The Aramour and Risan kingdoms chose to remain in The Exodus, and formed the Commonwealth of Risa-Aramour in the former nation's lands.

Federal Government

The federal capital of the confederacy is located in Cana, and is home to the High Ministry and the legislative Assemblies.


The President is directly elected to serve up to 2 5-year terms. The Presidency does very little in form of government, but has several major jobs. The President must approve the High Ministry and all ministry positions filled after Assembly elections. The President is the official ambassador to any conferences and major international organisations and can press issues to either the Regional or Colonial Assembly. The President is also the Speaker of the Regional Assembly and breaks ties in the Assembly when needed. The President may present bugetary issues to the Colonial Assembly and must sign onto the official budget of the state along with the High Minister.

High Ministry

The High Ministry is the highest level of government of Chicanada. The head of the HM, the High Emmissary, is the Head of State and Government and the HE makes all official decisions. The HE is selected by the coalitional government created in the Colonial Assembly and is typically the highest-ranking delegate. The HE selects a personal staff of aids and researchers who work in the HM preparing budgets and needed legislation.

Also in the HM is the President, who serves as an ambassador for the Conferderacy as well as advisor to the HE. The President also approves any appointment of the HE and their ministry positions.

The HM functions as the workhorse for the national government. The HM introduces legislation to the Canton and Colonial Assemblies and establishes the agenda for the Colonial Assembly. The HM also appoints 2 Supreme Council member (with approval of the Canton Assembly).

Colonial Assmebly

CA delegates are allowed to hold a seat in the Assembly for up to 10 5-year terms. The CA is given the agenda as slected by the High Ministry and works in committee to pass needed legislation and create the governments working budget. The CA meets in Cana.

CA elections run on a two-ballot system for the 500 seats, with citizens voting for (a) a candidate and (b) a party. Half of each Canton's delegation is appointed based on party lists while the other half is directly elected. In order to form a government, 285 seats must be held. Should any government fall under the 285 threshold, the Presidum must call for new elections.

Canton Assembly

The 190 RA Members are selected by Regonal Governors and Colonial leadership. They can hold 3 5-year terms. Unlike the Colonial Assembly, the RA can not be suspended by the Presidum or by the Speaker. The RA is seen as the eye that make sure the CA does not overstep their bounds. The Canton Assembly reviews the budget and legislation passed by the Colonial Assembly. It is the only entity that can repeal decisions from the High Ministry with a 3/4 vote. The RA also works with the main lobby group ChiLo in making sure legislation and the budget is fair to all side.

Supreme Council

The Eastentown City Canton is home to the Supreme Council. As there is no constitution, the SC's 11 members (5 elected justices which serve an infinite number of 3-year terms, the High Minister, the President, 2 justices selected by the CA for a life term and 2 selected by the RA for a life term) review lower court challenges and legislation to make sure they comply with previous legislation and if they are good for the nation.

1938 Elections

The 1937 Elections were postponed due to votes held in the South Holland Distict and the city of Kinsington in order to determine Cantonal establishment (both passed the measure).

Presidum Elections

Michel Jacobi (MSDP) - 52% Jeradine Lyiali (UL) - 30% Aiden DeLiegren (PCC) - 10% Timon J'ia (NLF) - 8%

Colonial Assembly Results

  • Monaghanist Social Democratic Party(MSDP)
    • 270 seats
  • New Labour Front (NLF)
    • 63 seats
  • Political Conservatives of Chicanada (PCC)
    • 60 seats
  • Red Alliance/Workers Party (RAWP)
    • 27 seats
  • Union-Liberal Pary of Chicanada (UL)
    • 20 seats
  • Socialist Party of Chicanada (SPC)
    • 15 seats
  • Free Democratic Party of Chicanada (FDPC)
    • 10 seats
  • Centrist Union of Chicanada (CUC)
    • 10 seats
  • Communist Party of Chicanada (CPC)
    • 10 seats
  • Green Party of Chicanada (GPC)
    • 10 seats
  • Catholic Party of French Chicanada (CAFC)
    • 3 seats
  • Traditional Alliance/National Front of Chicanada (TNF)
    • 1 seats
  • Chicanada Faith Alliance (CFA)
    • 1 seat

Majority Government

  • Monaghanist Social Democrats
  • Socialist Pary

High Minority

  • New Labour Front
  • Union Liberals
  • Free Democrats
  • Greens

Main Opposition

  • Political Conservatives
  • Centrist Union
  • Catholic Party
  • Chicanada Faith

Cantonal Assembly Results

Now with 40 Cantons, the chamber enlarges to 200 seats

  • Monaghanist Social Democratic Party(MSRP)
    • 100 seats
  • Union-Liberal Pary of Chicanada (UL)
    • 30 seats
  • Political Conservatives of Chicanada (PCC)
    • 20 seats
  • Catholic Party of French Chicanada {CAFC)
    • 20 seats
  • Left Parti Chicanada (LPC)
    • 10 seats
  • New Labour Front (NLF)
    • 10 seats
  • Socialist Party of Chicanada (SPC)
    • 5 seats
  • Free Democratic Party of Chicanada (FDPC)
    • 5 seats

Government Makeup, 1938-1942

  • Presidum (Head of State) - Michel Jacobi (MSDP)
  • High Minister (Head of Government) - Jaque Villienue (MSDP)
  • State Affairs General Minister - Annabele Arazian (MSDP)
    • International Affairs Minister - Garrison Kiaro (MSDP)
    • Forces Minister - Cmdr. Jasien Leion (MSDP)
    • Defense Minister - Alex Wintok (MSDP)
    • Economic Minister - Jimpsen Reginal (MSDP)
    • Trade Minister - Terrence Slian (SPC)
  • Domesitic Affairs General Minister - Mary Allice Deveraoux (MSDP)
    • Judicial Minister - Tomas Liansen (MSDP)
    • Banking and Internal Commerce Minister - Helen Mirrien (SPC)
    • Energy and Conservation Minister - Hera Longsfellow (MSDP)
    • Labour Minister - Johy Herian (MSDP)
    • Agriculture Minister - Olli Lantorsa (MSDP)
  • Social Affairs General Minister - Rhett Caupan (MSDP)
    • Environmental Minister - Erich Smith (MSDP)
    • Education Minister - Taylor Henic (SPC)
    • Urban Development Minister - Hanna Uzial (MSDP)
    • Religion Minister - Rev. Alexander Dumaies (MSDP)
    • CSF General Minister - Jaquelene Morriseete (MSDP)

Canton Government

A Referendum held 30 Januar 1923 officially changed the structure of the Chicanadan Regions and Colonies. Officially, the Referendum created 29 administrative districts to be known as Cantons. In addition, the House of Risa became overseer of the Risan Kingdom Autonomous Region and will be the 30th Canton in Parliament. Each Canton have their own, much smaller, governments to oversee local issues. All have a Peoples Assembly (ranging with 30-100 citizens) and directly elect representaives as well as Regional or Colonial Governors.

On 12 Juli 1925 four new cantons were introduced into the FCC.

In 1932 the two Kingdom Cantons split to form the Commonwealth of Risa-Aramour when the other cantons voted to support a move to Atlantian Oceania.

1933 Regional Elections saw six new cantons created as a means of increasing voices in the Chambers at Cana due to the nation's population growth. Another two cantons gains membership in 1937, with a vote in 1942 scheduled to handle the authority over Deeping district - a area within Bishop but formerly part of the new South Holland canton which's population is spit evenly between pro-Bishop Catholics and pro-Hollish Mohaganists.

City Cantons

  • Acadia
  • Atens
  • Cana City District
  • Douala
  • Eastentown
  • Finnen
  • Jaxx
  • Kinsington
  • Livingston
  • Southampton
  • Star Point

District Cantons (Capitals)

  • Avi (Avilon)
  • Bishop (Hearth)
  • Cape (Kinsington)
  • Carthage (Aspern)
  • Cedar (Saint George)
  • Crossings (Spears Crossing)
  • Easten (Central Hills)
  • Esten (Esten)
  • Eoden (Evon)
  • Grand Free State (Provincetown)
  • Harem (Ashley)
  • Finnegann (Goedi)
  • Kalimund (Halifax)
  • Llaska (Free Harbour)
  • Lovejoy (Mission)
  • Narobi (Mogada)
  • Norde (Tolóu)
  • Pierre (Prarieville)
  • Sabra (Kenyon)
  • Saint Croix (Saint Croix)
  • Saint Jean (Saint Phillips)
  • Southall (Paradiso)
  • South Holland (Dover)
  • Sud (Prane)
  • Swansea (Sidney)
  • Tibera (Verde Mund)
  • Township (Citadel)
  • Victoria (New Glasgow)
  • Washinsan (Palace Heights)

Political Parties

As of the 1932 Elections the following Parties were recognized:

  • Catholic Party of French Chicanada {CAFC)
  • Centrist Union of Chicanada (CUC)
  • Chicanada Faith Alliance (CFA)
  • Communist Party of Chicanada (CPC)
  • Free Democratic Party of Chicanada (FDPC)
  • Green Party of Chicanada (GPC)
  • Left Parti Chicanada (LPC)
  • Monaghanist Social Democratic Party(MSRP)
  • New Labour Front (NLF)
  • Political Conservatives of Chicanada (PCC)
  • Red Alliance/Workers Party (RAWP)
  • Socialist Party of Chicanada (SPC)
  • Traditional Alliance/National Front of Chicanada (TNF)
  • Union-Liberal Pary of Chicanada (UL)


The Ministry of Sciences and Education oversee all 35 incorporated colleges and universities. Most degrees are completed in 3 years with the most popular fields being Fisheries, Politics, Law, Religion, or Engineering. K-12 education is compulsory and all state-funded schools are free.

  • Acadia Catonal College
  • Atens University
  • Bishop University
  • Cana National College
  • Canton University - Acadia
  • Canton University - Crossings
  • Canton University - Jaxx
  • Crossings College
  • Douala College
  • Easten Regional College
  • Eoden College
  • Granada University
  • Jaxx University
  • Livingston University
  • Northland College
  • Mission University
  • National University of Chicanada at Cana
  • Peredian College
  • Territories Union College
  • Township University
  • University of Avi
  • University of Cana
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Finnegann
  • University of St. Jean
  • University of the Mountains


The Ministry of Religion and Spirituality official sanction 5 religions while offering government protection to many more. 75% of the population are Mohnaguaists, which is the traditional religion. Chirstianity is practiced by 5% and is predominantly found in former French colonies of the confederacy.

Officially sanctioned religions

  • Monaghanism (79%)
  • Christianity (11%)
    • Lutheran (60%)
    • Catholic (35%)
    • Born-Againism (5%)

Temple of Ris (6%)

  • Founders Faith (3%)

Officially protected religions

Sanaism (1%)


The Chicanada Sport Federation (CSF) oversees all major and minor sports within the Confederacy as well as all National Teams and Federated Leagues. Chicanada's major sports are ice hockey, rugby, football, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse and American football. Other sports include footsal and baseball.

The CSF officially heads Two Grand Federated Leagues: Chicanada Hockey League (CHL)and Chicanada Football Federation (CFF). Rugby Union Chicanada (RUC), Chicanada Basketball Association (CBA), Chicanada AmBall League (CABL, American Football) and CLAX are minor leagues currently under full development. The Chicanada National Team is officially headed by the CSF

Chicanada Football Association

The CFA is the largest entinty of the CSF, sponsoring three main divisions and more than 100 developmental groups to promote football throughtout the Cantons.

Information about the Chicanada Football League located at the link.

International Play and the NS World Cup

Chicanada has competed in five NSWC Qualifiers, the Baptism of Fire, three Cups of Harmony and in two World Cup (World Cup XXIII and World Cup XXVII)

Overall International Record: lets just say it's ugly

The CFA has also sent four teams to compete in Club Cups, with AS Risa maiking it to the round of 8 for the NSFA Cup and Douala being a semifinalist in Champions League 6.

Township made the final 16 in NS Champions League 7, which saw the grand finals held in the city of Southampton and new champion crowned in Iskara Daii from Starblaydia. FC Esten and Ashley also participated in the NSCL and NSFA Cup, with much less success.

Champions League 8 saw Cana West FC ousted in the opening round and Astur City knocked out in the Second Round. The third NSFA Cup had Hull City and Rangers competing in it, with both teams falling in the Second Round.

In the Ninth Champions League Tournament both Finnen and Southampton failed to advance out of the Second and Third Rounds, respectively. Southampton was also bounced from the Fourth NSFA Cup Second Qualifying Round along with Jaxx United and Astur City - although Astur became the first Chicanadan side to advance out of a round since Township's Sweet 16 run.

Chicanada earned five slots in the next round, with Southampton, Cavalier and Finnen making the Tenth Champions League with Astur City and Jaxx United returning to the NSFA Cup

Womens Football

The Chicanada Womens National Team won the first ever Ylompics Gold Medal and helped to create the Womens World Cup. The Lady Kodiaks finished third in the first cup, the best result by any of the national sides since the U21s runner-up finish in U21WC 16.

The Womens National Team finished Third in the following two Womens World Cup, while hosting the Second edition and coming in third at the third edition in Liverpool England. Chicanada currently is Organizing President of the Womens Wolrd Cup, working in conjunction with fellow founder Qazox in the voting process.

Information about the Chicanada Womens Premier League located at the link.

Chicanada Hockey League

After a lot of work, the CHL relaunched in a two-sided 30-team conference setup, sponsored by the Bank of Wales and the Scotland Investment Group. The Finals tournament decides the holders of the ScotWales Cup at the end of the season.

CHL Champions

CHL Season CHL Official Champs Runners Up CHL Season CHL Official Champs Runners Up
1870 Season Cana HC Rosa HC 1911 Season AS Cana Palm
1871 Season Cana HC Jaxx 1912 Season Township Mission
1872 Season Cana HC Rosa HC 1913 Season Star Point Mission
1873 Season Rosa HC AS Cana 1914 Season Evon Cana HC
1874 Season Star Point HC Rosa HC 1915 Season Jaxx Mission
1875 Season Township HC National 1916 Season Palm AS Cana
1876 Season Township HC Rosa HC 1917 Season Palm AS Cana
1877 Season Township HC Douala HC 1918 Season Palm AS Cana
1878 Season Township HC Cana HC 1919 Season Jaxx Palm
1879 Season Cana HC Rosa HC 1920 Season Township Jaxx
1880 Season Rosa HC Colombo 1921 Season Atens Star Point
1881 Season Jaxx AS Cana HC 1922 Season Palm Evon
1882 Season Colombo Cana HC 1923 Season Acadia Eastentown
1883 Season Cana HC AS Cana HC 1924 Season Akatoli Crossings HC
1884 Season Cana HC Palm 1925 Season Cape HC Crossings HC
1885 Season Cana HC Palm 1926 Season Provincetown HC Chelsea
1886 Season Cana HC National 1927 Season Livingston Acadia
1887 Season National Cana HC 1928 Season Spears Crossings Evon
1888 Season Verde Mund Star Point HC 1929 Season Evon Provincetown
1889 Season Rosa HC Jaxx 1930 Season Jaxx Livingston
1890 Season Atens Rosa HC 1931 Season Acadia Mission
1891 Season Township Star Point 1932 Season Spears Crossings Cana HC
1892 Season AS Cana Cana HC 1933 Season Finnegann Spears Crossing
1893 Season Palm AS Cana
1934 Season Finnegann Mission
1894 Season National Palm 1935 Season Township Cana HC
1895 Season Rosa City Cana HC 1936 Season Star Point Barclay Club
1896 Season Cana HC Jaxx 1937 Season Star Point HC Eastentown
1897 Season Cana HC Evon 1938 Season Star Point HC Eastentown
1898 Season Cana HC Jaxx 1939 Season Barclay Club Eastentown
1899 Season Cana HC Palm 1940 Season
1900 Season Cana HC Colombo Season
1901 Season Easten Mission Season
1902 Season Mission Easten Season
1903 Season Palm Cana HC Season
1904 Season National AS Cana Season
1905 Season Cana HC Township Season
1906 Season Rosa City Cana HC Season
1907 Season Easten Verde Mund Season
1908 Season National Township Season
1909 Season Rosa City Jaxx Season
1910 Season Cana HC Avi Season

International Play and the Don Cherry Cup

Chicanada is currently competing in their seventh Cherry Cup. Chicanada played host to the eleventh edition of the tournament, which was won by Robotopolis, as well as the fifteenth edition of the cup, which was won by Starblaydia. With the Cherry Cup in disarray and relaunched, the Kodiaks have seen performance fall some as the team has been more focused on internal improvements

Chicanada Lacross (CLAX)

The CSF began the operations of CLAX in 1928 as a means of introducing new competitions into the nation.

CLAX Season CLAX Champions CLAX Runners-Up CLAX 3rd Place
1928 Season Star Point Cheifs Cana Blast Provincetown Roar
1929 Season Star Point Cheifs Jaxx Hardhats Livingston Turtles
1930 Season Star Point Cheifs Livingston Turtles Jaxx Hardhats
1931 Season Star Point Cheifs Redwings Swansea Provincetown Roar
1932 Season Star Point Cheifs Coastal Rebels Redwings Swansea
1933 Season Star Point Cheifs Jaxx Hardhats Redwings Swansesa
1934 Season Star Point Cheifs Redwings Swansesa Cana Blast
1935 Season Star Point Cheifs Redwings Swansesa Livingston Turtles
1936 Season Star Point Cheifs Redwings Swansesa Rebels
1937 Season Star Point Cheifs Redwings Swansea Jaxx Hardhats
1938 Season Star Point Cheifs Cana Blast Rebels
1939 Season Star Point Cheifs Rebels Bishop Holy Order

In 1940 the league spilt into divisional play

CLAX Season CLAX East Champions CLAX West Champions CLAX Gold Cup Champion
1940 Season Star Point Cheifs Jaxx Hardhats Star Point Cheifs

Chicanada Rugby Union

CRU started up in 1925 under the old Rugby National unit.

CRU Season Rugby Union Champions Rugby Union Runners-Up Rugby Union 3rd Place
1925 Season Risian Acadia Victory Finnegann Blue Shields
1926 Season Risian Avi Bulldogs Bishop Crusaders
1927 Season Bishop Crusaders Risian Eastentown Griffyns
1928 Season Acadia Victory Bishop Crusaders Risian
1929 Season Finnegann Blue Shields Jaxx Hardhats Livingston Storme
1930 Season Finnegann Blue Shields Risian North Shore Quiver
1931 Season North Shore Quiver Risian Acadia Victory
1932 Season Finnegann Blue Shields Bishop Crusaders Risian
1933 Season Bishop Crusaders Finnegann Blue Shields Risian Astur
1934 Season Ashley Bulldogs Crossings Blaze Finnegann Blue Shields
1935 Season North Shore Quiver Paradiso Lions Evon Sandcats
1936 Season Jaxx Knights Acadia Victory North Shore Quiver
1937 Season Finnegann Blue Shields Evon Sandcats Eastentown Griffyns
1938 Season Risian Astur North Shore Quiver St. Jean Wildmice
1939 Season Ashley Bulldogs Acadia Victory North Shore Quiver
1940 Season Finnegann Blue Shields Acadia Victory North Shore Quiver

Chicanada AmBall League

Chicanadan AmBall (American Football) is in it's infancy. After running under old semi-pro units and national titles, the CABL started up in 1928 to help spread the game in hopes of competing internationally.

1933 Saw the leage double from 6 to 12 teams. The top 6 teams make it to the Playoffs for the TroutCo Mines Bowl.

CABL Season Top Flight Champions Top Flight Runners-Up TroutCo Mines Bowl Champions
1928 Season Mission Wolves Cana Eagles No Game
1929 Season Acadia Admirals Cana Eagles No Game
1930 Season Suda Predators Verde Mund Vipers Suda Predators
1931 Season Finnen Stampede Suda Predators Mission Wolves
1932 Season Finnen Stampede Mission Wolves Finnen Stampede
1933 Season Free State Fire Palace Heights Islanders Palace Heights Islanders
1933 Season Palace Heights Islanders Mission Wolves Free State Fire
1934 Season Free State Fire Acadia Admirals Cana Eagles
1935 Season Free State Fire Cana Eagles Free State Fire
1936 Season Cana Eagles Free State Fire Acadia Admirals
1937 Season Palace Heights Islanders Finnen Stampede Palace Heights Islanders
1938 Season Palace Heights Islanders Cana Eagles Palace Heights Islanders
1939 Season Verde Mund Vipers Mission Wolves Mission Wolves
1940 Season Free State Fire Finnen Stampede Finnen Stampede

Chicanadan Baseball League

The Chicanadan League was launched in early 1933 for southern Baseball teams. The 8 teams are expected to be joined by 8 northern squads in divisions come 1934.

Teams play each other team in the nation 6 times - 3 game series at home, 3 games series away. No ties, play until winning run comes in.

CL Season CL Season Champions CL Runners-Up CL Cantons Cup Champions
1933 Season Southampton Blues Palace Heights Steel Palace Heights Steel
1934 Season N: Douala Greens
S: Southampton Blues
N: Halifax North Stars
S: Palace Heights Steel
Southampton Blues
1935 Season
1936 Season
1937 Season
1938 Season
1939 Season
1940 Season

Chicanadan Basketball League

ChiBall was launched in early 1933 in the Northern Cantons, with expansion from 6 to 12 clubs happening in 1934.

Teams play each other team in the nation 4 times - 2 games at home, 2 games away. No ties.

CL Season CBL Season Champions CBL Runners-Up CBL Cantons Cup Champions
1933 Season Douala Storm Star Point Cruisers Star Point Cruisers
1934 Season Star Point Cruisers Mission Stars Mission Stars
1935 Season Star Point Cruisers Bishop Hornets Star Point Cruisers
1936 Season Star Point Cruisers Ashley Hawks Ashley Hawks
1937 Season Finnen Colonials Ashley Hawks Finnen Colonials
1938 Season Bishop Hornets Finnen Colonials Douala Storm
1939 Season Star Point Cruisers Finnen Colonials Star Point Cruisers
1940 Season Finnen Colonials Star Point Cruisers Star Point Cruisers

KodiRules Cup

A variation on Aussie Rules Football, KodiRules was launched in 1937 as a compliment to the launching of the Ones Cricket Cup.

CL Season KodiRules Champions CBL Runners-Up Third Place
1937 Season Kangaroos Red Pyramid Crossings
1938 Season Kangaroos Red Pyramid Crossings
1939 Season Carthage Kangaroos Cana Victory
1940 Season

Ones Cricket Cup

Cricket is predominantly an Island Cantons competition, with expansion into the southern cantons leading to a union of Leagues into the Ones Cup. Nine teams compete in the Ones League with relegation of four sides annually back to the Islands Cup or the Sunshine Cup.

Since it's foundation the Islands have dominated the league, winning all four titles and winning 11 of 12 top slots. Cananite in 1940 became the first mainland side to crack the top 3 and was the highest finish for any mainland side.

CL Season Ones Cup Champions CBL Runners-Up Third Place
1937 Season Saint Johns Nevis Park Atens United
1938 Season Nevis Park Washinsan Saint Johns
1939 Season Saint Johns Triplerose Atens United
1940 Season Saint Johns Nevis Park Cananite

Olympic Competitions

Chicanada has competed in the inagural Winter and Summer Olympics along with the first Ylompic Competition. Spears Crossings-Castille has been selected by Chicanada in a bid for the Second Winter Olympics

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Misc. Info

The Chicanada homepage is located at: All years listed are in Chicanada Timeline. The current year is 1940 as of August 1, 2006. The Chicanada year lasts one month real time.