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This article deals with Chinatown as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, please see the Wikipedia article on the subject.

The term "Chinatown" most often refers to a street or city district inhabited mainly by people of Chinese descent, or occasionally other Asians. Chinatowns may be found in many nations, and are often culturally distinct from neighbouring areas.

Notable Chinatowns


There is a Chinatown in Aden, Aerigia, which is notable for its fairly cheap ethnic food.


Chinatown in Rêvane, Ariddia, offers many pleasant strolls, museums, restaurants and architectural points of interest. There is also a very small Chinatown in Cité-Belle.

Candelaria And Marquez

There are various small areas of Chinese inhabitation in the capital Albrecht, but the largest neighbourhood to actively use the term "Chinatown" covers much of the Old Albrecht district of Middem Village.


The city of Uket has a small Chinatown.


The Chinatown district in Valerius, Halandra boasts a population of some 50,000 ethnic Chinese, and a neighbouring ethnic Japanese neighbourhood has an estimated population of about 43,000. Since the late 1980s, the high levels of affluence and cultural assimilation among the Asian-Halandrian communities has led to a quickening diaspora, scattering Asian-Halandrans to different parts of the country.


Liamton has an entire area known as Chinatown, which is highly urbanised and plagued by high levels of crime.


The now defunct city of Koenberg had a large Chinatown.


The Asiantown district in Bombay, Tabuu, was formerly known as Chinatown. It is home to 90,000 people and numbers several Buddhist temples, restaurants, herbal-medicine shops and Japanese tea houses.


The chinatown in Serelian is the largest Chinatown in Swilatia, and is know across the country for its architecture, culture, and other such things. Other Swilatian cities hhave chinatowns as well, but the only thing that makes them different from the rest of the cities they are in is that they are filled with crime, and with cheap chinese restaurants.


Chinatown in Nahai Vishnu City, Wulaishen, is reputed for its culture, its cuisine and its overall architectural beauty.