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This article deals with Chinese as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

Major Chinese dialects:
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Mandarin Chinese
Jin Chinese
Wu Chinese
Xiang Chinese
Hui Chinese
Gan Chinese
Hakka Chinese
Yue Chinese
Pinghua Chinese
Min Chinese

The Chinese language (汉语/漢語, 华语/華語, or 中文; pinyin: hànyǔ, huáyǔ, or zhōngwén) is a member of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Although Chinese is often regarded as a single language, regional variations in dialect, grammar and vocabulary are comparable to those of Romance languages. All of the spoken varieties of Chinese, however, share a common formal written language, Vernacular Chinese, written using a nearly identical set of Chinese characters.

Chinese is a secondary language of NationStates, and is used by different nations in different ways. As a secondary language, it is not usually used directly in the forum or roleplay, as a significant portion of the NS players are from English-speaking countries. However, as with many other less common languages used by players, it has seen some use in a roleplaying context as an IC language that is either explicitly denoted, or assumed (often a Chinese-speaking character will speak and be understood, without the actual text being in Chinese).

Use of Chinese, and most non-English languages, is sometimes indicated by using a different colour for the spoken text when players do not want to assume away the language barrier but still want other players to understand what their characters are saying.

Chinese Speaking Nations in NationStates

Nation Notes on usage
Aerigia Aerigian high school graduates must speak one of three other prominent languages of Chinese, Polish and German.
Bao You Mandarin Chinese is one of two mahor and indigineous languages of Bao You and is commonly spoken throughout the country along with Vietnamese, Latin, and English
Daehanjeiguk Chinese has been standardized and is officially called Haneo (韓語 {한어}); however, it is also complemented by a wealth of Korean, extensively using Hanja (韓字) scripts.
Ethan Smith There is no official language of the Great Land of Ethan Smith although the leader of the Great Land of Ethan Smith is very skilled in speaking Mandarin Chinese and also some Shanghainese (a.k.a. Wu Chinese).
Firehelper Is one of two official languages. It is also considered to be the first language of the citizens of the state of Firehelper.
Huo Xing
Liverpool England Spoken by a minority near the southwestern border with Lower Biswald, not nationally recognised as a major language, similar to Rejistanian
One Red Dot Is one of four official languages. It is also considered to be the first language of the citizens of the state of Dorona.
Rising Flame
Sarawakh Chinese is spoken in the Presidencies of Malaya, Sarawakh, and Singapore, as well as in many other parts of the nation.
Sendersdale Chinese is the most widely spoken unofficial language in the country. Currently, 17% of the population claims it as it's native tongue and 42% of the population claims to be fluent in the language. Currently pro Chinese officials have been trying to make the language gain official status like English and French.
Snǿĵgẻrd Chinese has no official status, but is spoken by one of the country's seven inhabitants.
Southeast Asia Chinese is one of the many national languages spoken widely in the Union of Southeast Asian Nations and widely understood by most Southeast Asians.
Stoklomolvi Mandarin Chinese is one of the three official languages in Stoklomolvi.
The Federated Stars Mandarin and Cantonese are spoken and that gives Chinese secondary language status.
The Icy Angel
Tiberian Destiny Due to territory once occupied by the Nod now being controlled by Tiberian Destiny, Chinese has become a major language in the nation, together with English, Russian, Arabic and Hebrew.
United Island Empires Unoffical but widely spoken in the colony of Hong Kong Is.
Xiang Gang

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