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Christelle Rorth
former job
Ariddian Ambassador to the United Nations
other former functions
Head of the Esati State; Member of the Uhuhland Council; Uhuhland Minister of Foreign Affairs; Honorary Minister of Debate of Intangelon

Ambassador Christelle Rorth (née Zyryanov) represented Ariddia at the United Nations, where her country maintains an embassy. Born in Cité-Belle, she has a doctorate in cultural studies from the University of Rêvane.

She is a determined woman, who tends to be outspoken, but never loses her calm. Although in private she is friendly and relaxed, she knew how to hold her own and not back down in front of adverse delegates from foreign nations. She refered to her style as being “diplomatically firm” – or, alternately, as “politely shutting up the cons”, meaning representatives of particularly conservative nations.

For several years she had a relationship with André Blanchard, which broke up amicably when she was 40. They have a son, Colin, aged 43, and two grand-children: Antoine (9) and Emilie (6). The ambassador is now married to Ambassador Christopher Rorth, the Constitutional Monarchy of Islenska's representative in the United Nations (25 years her junior). They have a son, Michael, aged 22.

During her tenure as ambassador, Christelle Rorth was, officially, head of State of the Extraterritorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory. She was also a member of the Uhuhland Council, the main legislative body of the Uhuhland Union. On August 1st, 2119, she assumed Presidency of the Council for six months, and took on the title "President of Uhuhland". As President, she continued the policies of her Ariddian predecessors, and oversaw the implementation of binding social legislation throughout the Union. She became President of Uhuhland a second time in 2125, as the presidency rotated back to ESAT.

In 2123, Rorth became the first Uhuhland Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Rorth was the one to submit the proposal "Climate Refugee Commission" to the United Nations, and defended it through a long debate. After the proposal had been defeated, she made a speech voicing her views on the outcome, and was awarded the title of Honorary Minister of Debate, along with the Intangible Medal of Discourse, by the government of Intangelon.

Ambassador Rorth retired in 2136, at the age of 63, and was replaced by Ambassador Christophe Boco and his deputy Julien Quan. Ambassador Boco also took over her tasks as head of the Esati State, Member of the Uhuhland Council and Uhuhland Minister of Foreign Affairs. Rorth now lives in Cité-Belle with her husband Christopher and their son Michael.

Preceded by:
Nuriyah Khadhim
President of Uhuhland
Aug. 1, 2119 – Dec. 31, 2119
Succeeded by:
Wanda Fisher
Preceded by:
President of Uhuhland
Aug. 1, 2125 – Dec. 31, 2125
Succeeded by:
Ea L'lew

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