Christian Countries

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Christian Countries
Forum: Regional Forum
Population: 41 nations
Delegate: -
Founder: The Republic of Zunea
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This region was founded in early 2005 and quickly grew in membership. It was established from a group nation that left the region Christian seeking a more functional open minded region based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Today the region is home to nations and peoples of all beliefs and backgrounds. The founding principle of the region that continues to guide it today is to welcome all nations no matter their belief, background, religion, or ethnicity. This has and will continue to make for a more open prosperous region.

Regional Government

Constitutional Convention

In the late fall of 2005 a constitutional convention was held to form a guiding set of principles and establish a regional government that would empower the people which call it home. It was presided over by The Republic of Zunea, the region's founder with The Glorious Holy Republic of Kulhman, The Holy Empire of Dafsdfafda, The Multinational Corporations of Frawley, The Supreme Reich of Bachton, and The People's Republic of Nathatonia serving as convention delegates. The process took nearly three weeks to complete. The constitutional convention passed the constitution unanimously on November 28, 2005. It was presented to the region for approval and again passed unanimously.


The government of Christian Countries is composed of officials popularly elected in regional elections. The only government official not elected is the Chief Executive, a lifelong position given to the region's founder. Power is divided between three branches of government: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.


The legislative branch is split between two parts: The House of Citizens and The Select Body. Citizens serve three month terms and are elected from the regional population as a whole. From within they elect a Prime Minister who presides over the House of Citizens and is given certain powers as stated in the constitution. Selectees serve six month terms. They are nominated to their positions by the Chief Executive and approved by the House. The Chief Executive also presides over The Select Body.


The executive branch is led by the Chief Executive who is also the founder of the region. There also exists a Cabinet of Ministers who are appointed by the Chief Executive and approved by the House of Citizens. Members of the cabinet can be found under Region Officials.


The judicial branch is overseen by the Chief Justice who is elected popularly for a lifetime term. The Chief Justice is the top legal authority in the region and is given broad powers to enforce regional law. Decisions can be overturned however through combined efforts of the legislative and executive branch.

Region Offcials

  • Chief Executive: Zunea
  • Minister of State: Kulhman (2006.01 - Present)
  • Minister of Finance: Frawley (2006.01 - Present)
  • Minister of Justice: RuniX (2006.01 - Present)
  • UN Delegate: None at this time
  • Chief Justice: Nathatonia (2006.01 - Present)
  • Prime Minister: Dafsdfafda (2006.01 - Present)

Regional Congress

House of Citizens:

The Select Body:

Region History