Christophe Boco

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Christophe Boco
Ariddian / Esati
Ariddian Ambassador to the United Nations
other functions
Head of the Esati State; Member of the Uhuhland Council; Uhuhland Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ambassador Christophe Boco is the highest representative of the People's Democractic Social Republic of Ariddia at the United Nations. He was born in Darras, near Rêvane, and has a doctorate in sociology from the University of Rêvane.

He succeeded Christelle Zyryanov as ambassador. Reputedly, he has a similar personality when handling diplomatic issues: generally calm, patient and reasonable, until the perceived idiocy of other delegates frays his patience, and he becomes condescending and snappish.

He has received from Ardchoille's President Dicey Reilly the Medal for Eloquently Facing Unremitting and Diversified Denseness, popularly known as the E.Fudd.

As ambassador to the United Nations, Boco became de jure head of State of the Extra-territorial Sovereign Ariddian Territory.

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