Church of Chitzeland

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The Church of Chitzeland


St. Peter's Cathedral in the Papal District;
the "Capital Building" of the Church of Chitzeland

Type of Religion: Catholic Christian
Founding Date: 995
Holy Texts: The Bible
Number of Followers Worldwide: +700 million
Practised In: Chitzeland
Leader Title: Pope
Leader: Rolland I

The Church of Chitzeland is a denomination of Christianity that is widely practised in Chitzeland. Its organization is modelled after the Roman Catholic Church. Its leadership is based in the Papal District in Chitzeland's capital of Providence. With 700 million followers, it is the second largest religious affiliation held by most Chitzis, after Atheism. It is growing at a quick rate, however, and it is estimated that it will soon overtake Atheism as the most popular belief system in the country. The Church's current leader is the Bishop of Providence, his holiness Pope Rolland I.

Origins and Founding

The Church of Chitzeland claims that its origin lies in Jesus and his twelve Apostles. The denomination was part of the Roman Catholic Church until 995 (2006 A.D. on the Gregorian Calendar).

In 995, growing disapproval of the Roman Catholic Church caused the Church of Chitzeland to split from the Roman Catholic Church. Reasons cited for the fission are the fact that the Roman Catholic Church disallowed condom usage, which angered most Chitzis, allegations against Pope Benedict XVI that he supported terrorism, and a general feeling that Chitzeland Christians should not be lead by someone far away in Rome.

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