Church of Nisan

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The Church of Nisan
Type of religion: Monotheistic, Christian Derivative
Founded: 500 Years Ago
God(s): Classical Judeo/Christian 'God' Concept; Holy Mother Sophia
Holy texts: The Collected Works of Mother Sophia
Followers: 2 Billion
Practised in: The Holy Empire of Nisan, surrounding nations
Holy Mother/Father: Holy Mother Midori Taisen

Founded by the Prophet Sophia, the Church of Nisan has its roots in the ancient history of the Nisanite people. Far back, when wars tore across their continent without end, a young woman named Sophia stepped forward to proclaim that God was not some far-off, inhuman thing, but rather that a fragment of God resided in all people. Empowering her people with this message, the war-weary masses gathered around her and her new religion, preaching the love of God, and the love of one's fellow man.

Ultimately, Sophia became a martyr, sacrificing herself in a catastrophic battle in the skies over Nisan. Her message, however, endured and the religion of Sophia quickly became inseperable from the Nisanite people.

Centuries passed, with the peaceful Nisanite people living in the shadow of the Cathedral built by Sophia's lover, Lacan. A succession of Holy Mothers and Holy Fathers lead the Church, and by association the citizens. Three centuries after Sophia's death, another war soon ravaged the Nisanite countryside. This war, however, scattered the people, as well as leveled the old Cathedral. The people were absorbed into the nearby nation of Aveh, and most of them only carried stories of the old religion in their oral traditions.

Approximately 25 years ago, a young religious scholar and soldier in the Aveh military named Gabriel Taisen began to publically profess the faith of Sophia. He left the military, dedicating his life to educating the old Nisanite people of their faith, and in a scant five years, he had amassed millions of followers. Enough to warrant action by the Aveh Military, and fearing for their safety, the whole gathering of the faithful left Aveh, striking out across the waters. They found an unoccupied island near the Continent of Lodoss, and there they settled, forming a new nation: The Holy Empire of Nisan.