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Nation: Ariddia
Function: N/A
Population: unspecified
Leader: unspecified

Cité-Belle, capital of colonial Ariddia from 1705 to 1810, is notable mainly for its Museum of National Art, which seeks to encompass every aspect of Ariddian art, and has a large section dedicated to pre-colonial Wymgani art.

Also worthy of note is the Grapefruit Museum, which explains the many varieties of grapefruit-derived food products and beverages which Ariddia famously produces.

Cité-Belle has two universities, numerous libraries and bookshops, and a campus of the Third World Open University, established as per Ariddia's pledge as a signatory of the Matebian Declaration. Cité-Belle is twinned with Saint-Remy in Kelssek, the International City in the Unified Capitalizt States, São José (Cafundéu), and Deddick (Errinundera).

The city is also home to the Cité-Belle Football Club, whose most famous player was former national team goalkeeper Sandrine Leduc.

Outside the city is the airport Cité-Belle International (CBE). Like most of Ariddia's six international airports (with the exception of Rêvane International Airport), it is a rather small, basic building. Amongst other airlines (including Ariddian Airlines), Air Kelssek flies here.

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