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This article deals with City as it relates to NationStates. For more general information, see the Wikipedia article on this subject.

In NationStates, cities are usually mentioned in roleplaying. There are capital cities, major cities, and other types of cities. They especially are important in war RPs. Cities in roleplays can have various purposes, all of which generally reflect their uses in real life

Diplomatic Roleplays

Cities are almost exclusively used in diplomatic roleplays pertaining to the meetings of heads of state and other national representatives. In these roleplays, often describing where two or more nations meet to forge alliances, make plans for the future, or simply host events, the host nation commonly sites the occasion in a grand building, often in their capital city, or at least a major one. Such locations are chosen for their opulence, awing the invited parties and showing off the host nation at its grandest and most luxurious. Being in control of their country, the host can also make use of their cities to give guests tours to further inspire them, or merely to show in one brief visit the character, nature and national identity of the host nation. Cities are wise choices for such things as cities are generally hives of multi-culturalism, are industrial and commercial hubs, and are home to millions of people as well as numerous points of interest. In one city can be found aspects of the host nation which otherwise could only be experienced by touring an entire country.

War roleplays

Cities often are found in war roleplays. As national capitals are most commonly cities, cities in wartime are often privy to numerous posts describing the tactical plannings of a national leadership. Here, we see the other side to a city - no longer can we see its glamorous veneer, but instead we are shown to the inside world of routine and administration - the heart of the city, where its government and its military leadership meet to discuss matters of state. No-one is being impressed here. Furthermore, cities are - less frequently - seen in wars as the very location of the action. While wars are more commonly fought over vast expanses of land, in the air, and at sea, still cities can become the targets of military operations. Indeed, a successful war will likely as not end in the capital city of the poor nation suffering invasion. Cities, being in essence the heartbeat and (some of them) the capital of their nations, are natural targets for conquest. A captured city can indicate military supremacy over a region, and the fall of a national capital often signifies the end of the war. Cities can therefore be host to intense aerial or artillery strikes, can be swiftly conquered by the arrival of a superior force, or can find itself deluded in bitter street-to-street fighting as two armies clash to keep hold of the area. While operations in and around cities are rare, they are still often the most destructive and costly battles, and the ones hardest won. A true battle in a city may make it a virtual ghost town for years afterwards.

Character roleplays

Perhaps the least common of the three types of roleplay featuring cities, still character roleplays show prominently feature cities, and can show a side to them often unseen in the above types. While diplomatic roleplays usually are set in expansive government buildings, and war roleplays are set either in the streets or in administrative complexes, character roleplays can see any and all sides to a city. Having the key advantage of having literally anyone as a principle character, such roleplays can thus see any side to a city, as fits the interest of the involved parties. Character roleplays commonly are seen in such locations as:

  • Higher and lower echelons of Government
  • The criminal underworld of a city
  • Places associated with an ordinary citizen's life (i.e. their place of work, their home, the streets of the city)
  • Commonly-frequented places (i.e. schools, shops, etc - especially popular for acts of terrorism)

As the roleplay revolves around its characters, an insight can often be gained into the city it is found in - the layout of the city, its structure - politically, culturally, and so on - the peoples residing in it, and other such details which cannot be seen in other types of roleplay.

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