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Cliffton CitiLink is the interconnected system of monorails and maglev that covers a wide area of Inner Cliffton in Maanenland and some outlaying districts. It is one of Europes largest monorail and maglev systems. It is currently operated by Cliffton CitiLink Ltd which also owns the extensive subway system.

The technology and experiance gained from this is now exported internationally.


London Underground lines
Line Name Map colour Opened Type Stations
Districts style="background:#Template:District colour; color:white;"|Teal 1962 Maglev (from 2006) 10
North Bank style="background:#Template:North Bank colour; color:Grey;"|Red 1968 Monorail 11
Terminal Link style="background:#Template:Terminal Link colour;"|Yellow 1970 Maglev (from 2005) 4
Circle style="background:#Template:District Line colour; color:white;"|Lime 1972 Monorail 10
CentralLink style="background:#Template:CentralLink colour; color:white;"|Red 1982 Monorail 18
Orbital Line White 1983 Maglev (from 2006) 4
Alexandria Link Orange 1984 Monorail 6
South Western Bypass Light Yellow 1988 Monorail 6
Western Keynes Link Dark Green 1989 Monorail 8
New City Central Light Green 1990 Monorail 9
Crosslink style="background:#Template:Victoria Line colour; color:white;"|Light Blue 1992 Deep level 8