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Cockbill Street is a relatively unknown nation on the outskirts of Atlantian Oceania. The main purpose of its existence, as its three billion people are very aware of, is to seek sporting excellence and happiness for all inhabitants - something which it seems to fail at quite magnificently.

Cockbill Street
Flag of Cockbill Street
Motto: "That's my spear you're pointing at me, you debtor!"
As the country is gradually growing, due to some strange magic, maps of the Street are very rare and even more unreliable
Region Atlantian Oceania
Capital Vimesbairn
Official Language(s) English, Dwarfish, Troll and minorities of Norwegian
Leader "whoever's in charge of the People's Party"
Population ~3 billion
Currency Ankh-Morpork dollar (US$1 = AM$2) 
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The People's Party, a party that has adopted liberal socialist policies, won the last election and has now full control of the Street politics. Opposition does exist, but it is rather weak due to the large feeling of solidarity within the Streetian community. Foreign policies are rather unknown to the Streeters, but they go along the lines of "don't be sh*tty".


The major industries in the Street are the mining of treacle, fat, and minerals. This is mainly done by the dwarfs, whose efforts in the mines probably account of about 60 per cent of the economy. The rest of the economy consists of service industries in the major cities and primary industries such as agriculture and fishing near the northern coast.


Currently, the Streetians are even more confused about their geography than normal, given the Street's recent move to Atlantian Oceania. However, in the FIFA time, it had a rather long stretch of coastline, along which many of the major human cities such as Vimesbairn, Jorvik, Harewood, Chesham and Chapham lie. Inland to the south, the terrain becomes more rugged as the altitude increases, and forests and mountains become more common. Dwarfs, the second largest ethnic group in the Street, live in these parts of the country, in cities that extend both above and below the earth. In recent years, though, both dwarfs and trolls have moved into the big human cities. This has caused some skirmishes in the big cities, but nothing particularly serious.


Streetian society revolves around sports. As a result, the economic output is rather low, as Streetians only have a three-day week - the remaining four days of the week is reserved for watching sports. The few Streetians who despise sports and sporting activites above all else usually emigrate at the age of 12. Despite this crazy attitude, the country has experienced few international sporting successes, with only two Cup of Harmony victories to their name. When on the way to victories, the team has experienced severe amounts of bad luck (or Margaret, as it is better known), as shown when they were winning the Cricket International Championship only for the tournament to be called off due to a war between two of the participating countries, or facing Rejistania, a country which always seems to be slightly better than the Street, winning in national meetings between the two whether it be handball, football or youth football. Another dire chapter in the history of Streetian sport was written when the Streetians finished third in their group and out of the semi-finals in their national sport, cricket, in the last InterNationStates Cricket Council World Cup. However, in the recent 2nd Rugby Union World Cup in Starblaydia, the Streeters surprisingly beat Dark Teutonia 16-0 in the final, taking their first international trophy of note.

Domestic Sports

As a result, domestic sports in the Street are extremely popular, despite the lack of international coverage of them. Football is, just about, the most popular sport, and the Compound League, the top league for all domestic teams, regularly draws attendances of above 50,000 people - not including those fans who stand outside the clacks towers watching for the news on the match to arrive. Below the Compound League in the pyramid are the three main ethnic groups' top leagues: the Human Premiership, the K'druz'ba D'gaiz'nigh B'zugda'hiara (Dwarf first league), and the troll Aargrogah Advanced League.

A highly controversial system is used to determine who relegates and who promotes - the dreaded Promotion Qualifiers. The three bottom teams from the Compound, along with the two top teams in each ethnic group, plays off in a nine-team round robin hosted in Vimesbairn over a week, from which the three top teams are allowed to play in the next year's Compound League. It is usually the height of the season for many of the teams involved, but they play in front of low crowds because nobody in Vimesbairn supports these low-level teams.

Other team sports which are popular in the Street include handball, a sport where there is now only a domestic league after the international competition collapsed due to lack of sponsors, cricket, which is only played by humans and wealthy trolls but the county matches still attract crowds well into the 20,000s, volleyball and rugby. Individual sports have never attracted the Streeters - possibly because they are against the socialist ideals of the country - but taekwondo, rowing, kayaking and skiing (among the southern dwarves) are probably the most popular of the individual sports.

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