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Flag of Colodia
Motto: "Please move to the back of the bus!"
Region Social Spam Alliance
Capital Washington D.C.
Official Language(s) English, Spanish
Leader President Jude Lawless
Population 2,400,000,000
Currency Colodian Dollar 
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On June 8, 1917, President Regis Fornia took power over the nation of Kukagstan, at the time consisting of only the states currently known as California, Io, and Viet. Kukagstan was ruled by the iron fist of Fornia, who focused on watching his citizen's every move. He was litteraly "obsessed" with knowing who was against him, and who was with him. By February of 1919, the people of Kukagstan were fed up with keeping their opinions to themselves in the comfort of their own bedrooms, and started an underground movement that was hidden from view of the government. The followers of this movement called themselves, the Colodians. Thier goal was to place weapons that were to be used against the soldiers of Kukagstan on the day of the revolution. And to secretly tell the nation about the revolution to come. On July 17, 1919, the Day of the Revolution had come. To make a long story short, the Colodians won and hung Regis Fornia by the neck. On December 26, 1919, Colodia was founded as it replaced the former corrupt Kukagstan. The new Colodian leaders vowed that democracy would always be the beacon of light for Colodia to follow.

President Leon Quev: President Leon Quev was the first Colodian president to bring Colodia to the attention of the world. His Army Commander had invited terrorists, and immediatly invasions of Colodia had begun. It wasn't until Quev surrendered and executed his Army Commander that the nations of Chellis and Shildonia agreed to stop the invasion, so long as Colodia was closely watched and would never do something of the sort again. Quev won public opinion on March 17, 2004, when he signed a new law that will allow new Presidents to choose the system of government whenever he is elected. Quev has also turned the United States of Colodia into the Confederacy of Colodia.

President Joseph Kevlin: Kevlin, the former Vice-President to President Quev, had a short term in office. He was also a Confederate. His time in office was cut short due to Paulina Rubio's invasion of the capitol, Kukagstan.

President Paulina Rubio: President Rubio began her term in office by marching into the capitol and assasinating President Kevlin. She then started the foundation of Colodia's high economic status as she turned Colodia into a Capitalist Paradise. In addition, Rubio changed the Dollar currency of Colodia into the Rupio, still being used to this day. Although President Black's administration looks to stamping that out. Rubio also vowed that Colodia would lead the world as they conquered it. Her promise never came to be.

President Michael Pepper: Some Colodians consider Pepper to be their greatest leader, others consider him quite a foolish man. Michael Pepper started his term with the addition of Colombia and the entire Central America falling into Colodian power. Soon after, West Virginia and Virginia went to Colodia. Negotiations also allowed Pepper to have control over Washington D.C., and he changed the capitol of Colodia from the city of Kukagstan to the city of Washington D.C. However, Maryland is controlled by Sevaris and Colodia is looking to controlling Maryland for themselves. Pepper soon established himself as a strong leader by invading North Brazil with an ally. Northern Brazil soon fell to Colodia and the public loved him for it. President Pepper also promised to invade Russia. And there was an invasion including some 1 million Colodian soldiers, but the invasion never got past the city of St. Petersburg. Colodians now hated Pepper's guts for a pointless military intervension. But Pepper then dropped the income tax down to 30% average. He screwed himself over by adopting more socialist policies and increased the tax to 50%. His change in policies dropped the nations's GDP per capita by $10,000. His policies dropped the worth of the Rupio as well. His term ended by a recall vote.

President Roman Black: President Roman Black began his term by having a Permanenet Colodian Constitution drafted. This Constitution was known as the base Constitution, while all other political party's Constitutions were mere extensions. Black's stance was to put Colodia back into economic power in his term. He finally accomplished that by surpassing Realitania by raising the GDP per capita to over $44,300 and raising the national GDP to $106 trillion, and lowering taxes to 3% by the end of his final term in office.

President Jude Lawless: The new guy. Gimmie a few weeks and we'll tell ya what this guy's been upto. You'll survive.