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Columbia, F.D., Bedistan
Location in Bedistan
Political division Federal District
 - Metropolitan (2083 est.)

Time zone AOTC

Columbia is the capital of and second-largest city in Bedistan. It is located on the southeast coast of Bedistan's main landmass (map).


Columbia was the first settlement in present-day Bedistan, founded in 1963. It quickly grew to become the largest city in colonial Bedistan, and as such it was a natural choice for the national capital when Bedistan became independent in 2003. It was also initially the capital of the Bedistani state of Columbia, but in late 2004 the state was renamed Paruvia and the city of Columbia was put by itself in the Federal District.

The city of Columbia, and specifically Holmes Stadium, played host to the World Cup 8 final in Bedistani year 2018, where the Bedistani national team lost 3-1 to the team from Liverpool England. Holmes Stadium also hosted selected matches in World Cup 18 in 2058.


Columbia is home to several foreign embassies, all of which are located in the northwest quadrant of the city. Columbia has four professional football teams competing in the BPL, BFL, and other associated tournaments: the Columbia Sharks, Senators AC, Columbia United, and East Columbia Sporting.

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