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The Communist Party of Constantinopolis is the oldest political party in Constantinopolis. It also holds the distinction of having started the Great September Revolution of 1921 and playing a major role in the drafting of the Constitution of 1925, which was the foundation of the modern socialist state of Constantinopolis.

As its name implies, the Communist Party of Constantinopolis upholds communist principles. It is a Marxist party. After it was founded, in 1918, its goals were to establish socialism and democracy in Constantinopolis. Both of these goals were successfully achieved by 1930, largely thanks to the efforts of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of 1922-1926 (in which the CPC was the dominant force), and, more importantly, the efforts of the first democratically elected government and legislature of Constantinopolis (1926-1930), in which the CPC held an even stronger position. Today, the CPC believes that the time has come to start moving from socialism to communism. Its goals are to slowly transform the socialist system into a communist one, by withering away the powers of the state and putting more power directly in the hands of the people - in other words, by increasing the role of the Agora in government affairs. In addition, the CPC upholds personal freedom and social equality; it has legalized homosexual marriage and soft drugs, and narrowed the tiny gap between rich and poor even further (Constantinopolis has one of the smallest income gaps in the world, with a Gini index of only 8%).

History of the Communist Party

The Communist Party of Constantinopolis was founded in 1918, through the fusion of the Revolutionary Workers' Party, the Union of Socialists, the Proletarian Action Party and various other smaller groups. This fusion was largely the result of the inspiring effect of the October 1917 Russian Revolution on the labour movement in Constantinopolis. Although the political and economic climate in Constantinopolis was closer to that of France than that of Russia, there was unprecedented hope that the World Revolution would be only a step away.

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Communist electoral record

This is a list of the 4-year terms during which the Communist Party was in power (i.e. the Communists held more seats in the People's Assembly than any other party). The terms when the Communists held over 50% of the seats are marked in bold.

  • 1926-1930
  • 1930-1934
  • 1934-1938
  • 1962-1966
  • 1966-1970
  • 1982-1986
  • 1986-1990
  • 1990-1994
  • 2002-present