Companne Medio Speziale

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Companne Medio Speziale
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Headquarters: Vilòstresa/Kingsville
Nationality: Brutland and Norden
Specialty: Television Broadcasting
Storefront: Channels can be found here

The Companne Medio Speziale (CMS, Special Media Company) is a Nord-Brutlandese media company that produces cable channels (and its programs) catering to special audiences.


Companne Medio Speziale was the brainchild of the husband-and-wife team of Daniele and Marcella Coscoluello. Tired of the same old TV shows in Brutland and Norden, and their dissatisfaction with the scarcity and quality cable programs, they drafted several programs and themed cable channels.

It was just a bedroom dream, but one of their friends, Rebecca Rossetti, who was Vice-President of the state-owned Televiso Rinna di Norden e Marchòbrutellia (TRNM, Royal Brutland and Norden Television), heard of their ideas and offered them a place in TRNM. However, TRNM's board refused the Coscoluellos' ideas.

Rossetti and her friends believed in the shows they created, and so Rossetti resigned from the TRNM, and they raised capital to establish a new company on June 1999. Their wealthy friend Guglielmo l'Epirense threw in L2,000,000 for the project and is the major stockholder for the company. Nine other friends, aside from Rossetti and the Coscoluellos, joined in. They decided that Rossetti should head the new company.

Their first show, "Spoliore" aired in 2000 in the private free channel NBTV, was a phenomenal success. Two other shows were produced, all airing in NBTV.

CMS had other plans, too. Interested in the booming cable TV market in Brutland and Norden, they soon switched to producing special channels for Nord-Brutlandese Cable. Among their early popular channels was Science TV, an informative channel with shows on everything about science. Soon after, CMS increased and is still increasing their roster of channels.

Recently, the CMS channels have been made available in the Qazian company Q-Dish Network, increasing the reach of their shows.

Corporate Officers

  • President: Rebecca Rossetti
  • Vice-President: Guglielmo l'Epirense
  • Department Heads
    • Advertising Department: Hunter Stubblefield
    • Broadcasting Department: Engr. Damiano Raccolli
    • Creative Department: Lalica Marcocca
    • Legal Department: Atty. Samandra Vigliano
    • Marketing Department: Pierro Santelleria
    • Production Department: Erica Lambrone


Currently, CMS has many channels (taken from their descriptions).

Science TV

You'll never stop learning while watching Science TV. It is never boring, and all of those dull and boring things you learn at school would be made exciting. Replete with exploding chemicals, falling watermelons, bloody frog dissections, money counting, star viewing, and Brute cows having sex, Science TV is a channel not only for students, but also for adults and ordinary folks alike.

Travel TV

Want to explore places but can't get your butt off the couch? Well then, Travel TV is here for you. We explore lots of places, from the King's bedroom, to the undersea roads, and even outer space! Enjoy traveling, without the hassle, the bustle, the work, and the expenses. Travel TV.

Crime TV

Get on both sides of the fence! Delve into the law enforcement's side with shows such as "Rules of Engagement", "Crime Scene Investigators", and "Forensic TV". Watch medical autopsies, hostage dramas, live murders, and real ballistic tests that would shatter your TV screen and enter you living room! On some special, secret days, we would jump into the law breaker's side and demystify how to rob banks, capture ATM cards, hijack planes, make bombs, and kidnap personalities! Awesome! (Warning: Crime TV is not responsible if viewers attempting the crimes are caught by police. Come on, do you think we are stupid to show these? Of course we are going to teach you the modus operandi that'll surely land you in jail!)

Scandal TV

Shock! Scandal! Paparazzi! From rapes perpetuated by personalities to boring celebrity breakups, Scandal TV covers it all. A 24-hour channel showing the juiciest scandals anywhere in the world (we have a predilection for sex scandals.) on never-ending entertainment talk shows. Well, it's not never-ending. We also have the show "Create-a-Scandal" in which we try to, well, create some scandals around! Also, we plunge into the bowels of history with "World's Most Amazing Scandals". Learn about scandals, past or present, with Scandal TV!

Fetish TV

Watch sexy boys and girls being bound up, poured with porridge, and get horny with your ordinary strawberries and pancakes! Fetish TV is a special channel dedicated to fetishists all over the world. Learn how to do them fetishes safely, correctly, and at the same time, derive maximum enjoyment! We also have reality shows, game shows, and a wide assortment of shows that would surely appeal to fetishists (and even non-fetishists!) Warning: would always contain sexual scenes.

Before its launch, Fetish TV had experienced opposition in Brutland, where the channel is still not shown in two-thirds of the province.

Horror TV

Watch adventurous teens get gobbled up by malicious entities! See real-life ghouls, vampires, ghosts, cannibals, and mysterious animals and things from nearly every corner of the world, with "Horror Files". And for something really enjoyable to see, watch "Big Brother: Haunted House" where an evil "Big Brother" ghost gives orders to terrified contestants inside a very very haunted house. Guaranteed to raise the hair at the back of your neck and tingle your spine!

For our very first show, we would be featuring "the TV girl with the messy hair that came out of the well", a ghost that can leap out of your TV screens and eat you alive! The lucky viewers get to be eaten by the "the TV girl with the messy hair that came out of the well"!

Hospital TV

Watch this 24-hour live feed from one of the greatest hospitals around! Learn how to speak medicalese without attending medical school! Get an insight on live surgical procedures being performed, from the good ol' tonsillectomy to a titillating vasectomy! And we also have our reality show: "The Consultant" where doctors vie to be the best one around. Try to solve baffling cases in "Case Files". And follow patients around as they seek cure for their ills. TV has never been this real, bloody, and sterilized!

Future TV

Nope, we are not a science-fiction channel. We are a channel dedicated to foretelling the future! This 24-hour channel has soothsayers, mediums, and fortune-tellers that would predict whether you would win a million in the lottery then die the next day, or whether you husband is cheating on you because you are not the real wife! Viewers can call in and get free tarot readings, crystal ball images, and mind-reading. Reality show upcoming: "The Medium", a contest where psychics vie to accurately predict the future.

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