Concordat of Hermes

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The Concordat of Hermes, commonly known as the Concordat, is a new regional alliance of space powers formed by Bryn Shander, New Haven, and Zepplin Manufacturers.

The members of the Concordat are, in alphabetical/joining order are:


A Brief History of the Concordat

Founded this year (in both an RL and RP sense), the Concordat is an alliance of nations with seemingly unreconcilable beliefs: the socialist states of the NHSR and Hallad (both members of the USR), the monarchy of Bryn Shander, the corporate state of ZMI, the semitechnocratic capitalist democratic state of Tiburon, and the Klatchian state of Midlonia. Although officially the alliance was formed this year, most historians really claim that the alliance was conceived two years ago, during the Hogsweatian-Tiburonese War. During that war, the NHSR (on the side of Hogsweat) blockaded the state of Shen-Zhou, which at the time was under Tiburonese control. To support their OST ally, Bryn Shanderian space forces engaged NHSR space forces, an intense battle that was seeming to produce no clear winner, though Bryn Shander crippled the New Haven mothership Asherton and caused heavy damage to the other NHSR mothership New Haven with only minor losses.

During the midst of the battle, ZMI ships interfered with the battle by firing between the first NHSR fleet and the Bryn Shander fleet, and moving a group of Management Buyout super dreadnoughts between the Bryn Shander fleet and the second NHSR fleet. Neither side was willing to fire on their ally, and in this way the ZMI force managed to convince both sides to a cease-fire. The battle itself was indecisive to the larger war, fought mainly on the ground.

The Concordat was officially founded shortly after in a meeting between the three nations at Forodren Annon, Bryn Shander, which soon was proven to be a meeting of four when Midlonian representatives showed up. Hallad and Tiburon, both invited to the conference, also arrived.

The Concordat's first test of cohesion came during the Yasmarean Seperation War in NCE 201, one year after the Hogsweatian-Tiburonese War. There, approximately 1,200 Tiburonese citizens in the capital of the country protested outside the NHSR embassy due to previous actions by the NHSR military against Yasmarea's socialist independence group, in particular the bombing of Yasmarea's capital, Yaz City, that left 258 Tiburonese civilians dead. The protests faded after the NHSR "agreed" to pay the demanded $35 billion in reparations, but meanwhile Shanderian forces managed to temporarily evacuate the New Havenic ambassador to Tiburon. (The end of New Havenic hostilities in Yasmarea allowed for the reestablishment of the embassy.)

Later on in the war, following the support given to Yasmarea by Ilek-Vaad and the attack by Ilek-Vaad on a group of New Havenic fighter jets, the Concordat nations of ZMI, Bryn Shander, and the NHSR attacked the Vaadian fleet near Haven. This was followed by threats of war from Scandavian States and Edolia, the nation from which the Yasmarean independent movement was trying to separate. Tiburon, although joining the nation of Feline in promoting a peaceful outcome, although it was clear that almost all of the nations in Haven- including Tiburon and Feline- opposed the Vaadian position. The matter was finally settled when Edolia and Ilek-Vaad began negotiating a peace.

Later, the alliance was all but disolved when Midlonia and ZMI staged a coup, ejecting Bryn Shander from the organization. In response, New Haven also left. The two have since formed the Hermes Alliance in an attempt to salvage the spirit of the original alliance.