Congruency of Eldritch States

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Congruency of Eldritch States
Population: 13 nations
Founder: Of The Abyss
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

The Congruency of Eldritch States, an eerie and chaotic area of land and see, where things that should not be walk freely. Located on the planet of New Shoggoth, the Eldritch States region is inhabited by many different races, including humans, cyborgs, katzen, orcs, demons, and deep ones.

Regional politics are underdeveloped, and few of the nations in it interact with the outside world, or even with eachother. However, the Imperium of Huo Xing and the Queendom of Nyao are on good terms with eachother. There is speculation of alliances between the Holy Empire of Gorg the Evil and the Armed Republic of Of the Abyss, however no real evidence exists to support this. Recent events include a large numbers of states thrown into anomie (OOCly: quite a few nations ceased existing due to inactivity), which the Imperium of Huo Xing is making an effort to rectify by reestablishing order through military means and setting up interim colonial governments.