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Conrad Kruschev III
Full Title
The Ultimate Imperial Holy Emperor and Impirator Conrad Kruschev III of the Imperial Lands of North Cadia and its Colonies, Supreme commander of Alpha Legion, Third Master of the Military of Trodenhiem and Brother lord of the Holy Realms of the Cadian Bretheren
January 2nd 1972
Nations of his Control
North Cadia, Masturica, Lunduar and Xiano, The Cadian Union

Conrad Kruschev III

The Ultimate Imperial Holy Emperor and Impirator Conrad Kruschev III of the Imperial Lands of North Cadia and its Colonies, Supreme Commander of Alpha Legion, Third Master of the Military of Trodenhiem and Brother Lord of the Holy Realms of the Cadian Bretheren, is the most powerful single man in the entire reaches of his realms and power, at his command an army of power unknown to the earth at present, can be unleashed upon his enemies.


UIHE I Conrad Kruschev III ILNCC SCAL TMMT BLHRCB (To use his abbreviated title) was born on the 2nd of January 1972, he was born into a privaliged life, but was by no means doted upon. As tradition demands, he must start military training in all areas from the age of six, and has undergone the most rigorous training that any of ancestors had. He was born in the city of Prassus at the Royal Imperial hospital in Malachan Square. His father Nicoli Kruschev XII and mother Julietta Grace Danka Franz-Mortiz were the IL of North Cadia's most popular rulers since the great Conrad I and Conrad III's birth was celebrated by massive parties and military parades all across this Inter-Galactic Empire, and this small child was revered by the whole nation. In his early years Conrad showed the promising signs of a great tactician and warrior, and his mentor Farden Jarick God of War of Trodenhiem (the brother nation of North Cadia ) the famed 'God of War' one of the greatest military men of the age is commonly noted to have said "This Boy is most definatly the most talented boy I have ever had the pleasure to teach, his physique is god like, and is force of personality leaves me speechless." But being a warrior is not everything, and the young Conrad lacked the economic skills od his forebares (It is this that is commonly attributed to why he appointed Karl-Franz Hoffbach as his economics advisor)

At the age of sixteen Conrad was a national Icon, his pious faith in the christian denomination of Cadianism had brought much prosperity to the nation, and when his mother died in 1987 he was the one who laid her to rest, and he practically ran the country from that point, his father was left a broken man by the death of his love, and remained depressed and locked up in his room until his death in 1992.

His Succesion

The official date of the start of Conrad III's reign was the 21st of November 1992, and from that point onwards he was regarded as the supreme power in the universe of man by his people. His first act as ruler was to lay his father to rest beside his mother, and declare the day of his death a national holiday called Nicolitz-Noight (Nicoli's Night) this declaration made him immensely popular with his people. His later memorable acts were the 'Empowerment of the Military' act, giving greater flexibility to the chain of command, and the 'Act of Judges' which gave the judges to make the convictions as they saw fit.

Since his succession North Cadia has prospered, its size has increased through military success as well as diplomatic, and his allies have increased their support due to subsidies and the economic success of North Cadia (largely thanks to Karl-Franz Hoffbach )

The Great Wars

Conrad has seen his nation through many wars, the first of which was the Thunderhawk Uprising in Trodenhiem , in which he came to the aid of his brother nation of Trodenhiem and its Emperor Titherius II (now deseased) his skill in combat threw the enemy aside, and won him the epic battle between himself and the treacherous Lord Thunderhawk . The next great war would be the great Cadian War in which he destroyed and conquered the Empires of East and West Cadia, and deminished the power of South Cadia, thus reforming it into a militant state. His most recent war was the UNFR Rebellion in which he stood beside its figurehead Magnus Bakktus of Promethius Prime (view nation).

The Reign of Fire

This is a period in recent history that many deny, it is going on even now. Conrad Kruschev is a notorious "Puppet Master" who is believed to control over 100 nations in some form or another, and indirectly control many more. As such he has been able to cause widespread confusion and trouble among his enemies, and has been an invaluable member of MOIS Norad until they reigned him on the grounds that he would no longer peroform certain actions.

Conrad also won the Trodoneo-Cadian War