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The Conservative Alliance is pro-monarchy, but it was not always so. The Monarchists eventually took control of the party moving it towards a more moderate platform as opposed to its more traditionalist aligned history. The Conservative Alliance itself has become a force to be reckoned with, breaking the stronghold normally held by the LDMC party. The Conservative Alliance itself has the power to stop legislation if it manages to ally itself with the other 3 major parties but it yet has been able to do so.

  • Hall of Deputy Seats: 165/500
  • Hall of Councilor Seats: 101/300
  • Total Seat Count: 266/800

Stance on issues:

  • Social Welfare: Conservative
  • Health Care: Conservative
  • Education: Moderate
  • Religion & Spirituality: Conservative
  • Defence: Pro-Military
  • Law and Order: Pro-Enforcement
  • Commerce: Cautious Globalization
  • Enviornment: Moderate Protectionist

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