Conservative Paradise

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Conservative Paradise
Forum: Halls of Paradise
Population: 42 nations
Delegate: Akimonadite UN Mission
Founder: Guardians of Paradise
Info: NSEconomy RC XML

Basics of the Paradise

We are a region of economic and social excellence that shares a diverse population of moderate conservatives, middle of the road conservatives, extreme conservatives, and some capitalists and libertarians as well. We always looking for members that are of character and class. Followers of different ideologies are generally welcome amongst us too, as long as they do their bit to keep any discussions polite, although they are unlikely to attain elected office: However no outright Marxists of any kind, Nazis, or supporters of terrorism, need apply.

This region recently underwent a re-founding, and is still working back up to full strength. It is now a member of a grouping called the Conservative Paradise Alliance, along with a daughter-region named Conservative Paradise Reborn which is where some of its former member-nations are now based.

The region’s UN Delegates are democratically elected, and we have a Constitution that not only sets out the electoral rules but defines limits on the rights of the Founder and Delegates as well. Both that Constitution and the region’s unwritten traditions place a strong emphasis on the rights of individual nations to govern themselves: Member-nations’ governments are encouraged to run on a reasonably democratic basis, and to allow free speech, free markets, and fair civil rights, but none of these factors are compulsory. Talks about modifying the Constitution, to deal with the effects of recent changes in the region, have begun.

The Paradise has been a leader in pushing for free markets, national sovereignty, and traditional values, in NationStates. We were charter members of both of the now-defunct organisations CEO and CDA, and we are proud founding members of the current ACCEL. Contact is also actively maintained with both the National Sovereignty Organization and UN DEFCON.


Early History

(2003 until Summer 2005)

The region was originally founded in 2003, by a nation called ‘New Babel’. The nation of Sarcodina arrived here (from a region called ‘UDN’) in August 2004, at which time this region was — according to Sarcodinan sources — quite large but not very active, and soon acquired the position of UN Delegate.

‘Operation Reagan Revolution’

In its early days Conservative Paradise actively supported the idea of ending the socialist-controlled defender organizations. In 2004, the Paradise declared war on the Peoples Revolutionary Party, former main region of RKKA, that has since ceased to exist. This conflict led to the creation of two organizations, both based in a region called Operation Reagan Revolution that was an offshoot of the Paradise, namely the ‘Gipper Institute of Reason and Reform in NationStates’ (GIRRNS) and the ‘International Blue Organization’ ('IBO').
The GIRRNS was formed to promote sovereignty and reform in foreign matters of NS (especially in the UN, and in regional conflicts), and particularly pushed for strong and open-minded leadership in sinkers and the Realms.
The 'IBO' was, and still is, the Paradise’s intelligence service. This organization helped more than anything to bring down the Peoples Revolutionary Party, and has helped to protect Right-leaning regions from being persecuted because of their beliefs.

And onwards…

The region’s original forum was replaced by a new one, with Sarcodina managing its administration, in March 2005. The region’s members adopted a Constitution, which is still followed today, on the 16th of May 2005.
Sarcodina played an important role in setting up the multi-regional alliance called ACCEL, which was created — with this region as one of its founding members, and with Sarcodina holding the region’s seat on that alliance’s Board of Directors — on the 29th of June 2005.

Recent History

(Summer 2005 until June 2007)

26th July 2005 and early August 2005 saw the arrival in this region of Godwinnia and St Edmund respectively: The combined leadership of these two nations was to play an important role in later events. The population of the region around this time fluctuated within a range of 26 to 30 nations.
Early 2006 saw the region’s first re-founding, because New Babel had ceased to exist and having an active ‘Founder’ seemed advisable, under the leadership of Sarcodina who used a puppet-nation called Sarcodinan Post Office for this job. The region of Operation Reagan Revolution was the main location in which the displaced nations gathered until their return home after this changeover became possible.
The region’s membership underwent a significant increase in numbers during the year of 2006, beginning when the introduction of the ‘Regional Influence’ rules into NS at Easter (in the month of April) caused upheavals in a number of other regions including several of the so-called “feeders” and this turmoil led to many nations seeking refuge here so that by the end of that very same month our strength had risen from 27 to 43 nations! The end of July and beginning of August saw another major increase, too, when a group of six nations all migrated here — within the space of just a fortnight — from a failing (and now defunct) region that was called ‘The Cool Communities of Cutown’: The latter wave included both Androssia and The Angellos, whose leaders were to play an important role in later events. Our population eventually peaked at 57 nations in late autumn, before declining slightly again to stabilise at a range within a few places either way of 50 nations.
March in 2006 saw the passage of the first U.N. Resolution to have been produced by any of this region’s members, when the government of St Edmund managed to get its proposal on the topic of Meteorological Cooperation to quorum at the third attempt and then saw this pass easily into law — with almost 80% of the votes cast being in its favour — as Resolution #148. That same nation also submitted several other proposals (on the topics of aiding the spread of democracy, rights for sapient non-humans, suppressing international piracy, and extradition), but failed to get any of these to quorum, whilst a nation called Traktiongeselleschaft that was also a member of this region tried but failed to repeal Resolution # 101 [‘Right to Learn about Evolution’].
St Edmund acquired the office of UN Delegate for the region towards the end of that month, at first accidentally (when the addition of a newcomer nation’s support gave its government more endorsements than were then held by the government of Aramek which had actually won the last election) and then in a proper election against the government of Orun, and held it until they decided to withdraw from the UN — because of unhappiness about the perceived consequences of a certain other Resolution’s passage — in May: A period of approximately one month during which the office of Delegate then changed hands several times, by informal means rather than as a result of democratic voting, was followed by an election in which it was effectively won by St Edmund again but this time in the name of their newly-defined protectorate ‘The St Edmundan Antarctic’ which managed to obtain more votes than did the government of Wieno… The next election was held as scheduled in September, with victory going to a long-time member by the name of Snake Venom.
November 2006 saw the government of Sarcodina decide to withdraw from NS, and the job of representing the Paradise at ACCEL was therefore passed from them (with the consent of Snake Venom, whose position as the region’s current Delegate made him its head-of-government…) to the combined leaderships of Godwinnia and St Edmund. The actual departure of Sarcodina took place in December, and unfortunately occurred without control of the Sarcodinan Post Office being handed over to any other nation’s government beforehand so that this region was once again left lacking an active ‘Founder’ in place to protect it against invasions. A second re-founding was therefore considered necessary by the region’s remaining leaders, including Androssia who had just been elected as Delegate… The active nations were encouraged to relocate into a temporary region called the CP Waiting Room, although some chose other destinations instead, and then those of the nations present that were so inactive in our councils that they had failed to move within a reasonable time were ejected (with invitations to return after the re-founding had been completed) anyway. It had been planned that the new ‘Founder’ would be Snake Venom, because that was one of the region’s oldest remaining member-nations, but communications difficulties kept their government from doing the job on schedule and so The Tri-Tone (another of the oldest member-nations) took that position instead.
The number of nations in the region dropped by roughly a quarter during this re-founding process, but an active recruiting campaign was launched and the number of nations present soon approached 50 once again despite the departure of one group to form a [short-lived] region that was called the Dead Marshes instead. Androssia was re-elected as Delegate, and for a while — although an Androssian proposal to repeal UN Resolution #82 [‘Stem Cell Research Funding’], which had been drafted with help from various other nations within ACCEL, failed to reach quorum — all seemed to be going quite well…

Attack From Within

Unfortunately, however, it seems that the leadership of The Tri-Tone was growing increasingly unhappy with the situation: They felt that the region had changed too much from how they remembered it being back in the early days, and how they felt it should still be… Their first step in trying to turn back the clock was to announce the region’s withdrawal from ACCEL, unilaterally, but when several of the region’s other members questioned the legality of that decision and expressed a willingness to re-open talks with that alliance they decided to take much more drastic measures…
On March 4th, 2007, the government of The Tri-Tone attacked their own alliance, by using their power as the region’s latest ‘Founder’ to expel all forty-six of the other nations that were then present and set a password to prevent any of those nations returning home again without Tri-Tonian permission! A set of puppet-nations were then created by The Tri-Tone for the specific purpose of founding and password-locking a number of other regions with names related to this region’s one, in order to make the exiles’ situation even more difficult… and, furthermore, the government of The Tri-Tone then managed to shut down completely the region’s then-latest Forum!
However the exiled nations remained undaunted by these actions: The government of Androssia used the organisational experience that it had acquired during the last re-founding (just a few months earlier) to gather most of them back together —although, again, a few sought new homes elsewhere instead — with a region called CP Waiting Room II, which had been quickly established by their old ally the nation of YourMaster, as the rallying-place. From there, just a few days later on the 9th of March, those nations then began moving out to found the new region of Conservative Paradise Reborn
This region then stagnated, with only The Tri-Tone and (for one month only) a short-lived new nation that was assumed to be one of its puppets located here, for the next quarter of a year…

Recovery and Reunion

Seeing the exiled nations manage not only to survive but to thrive, as Conservative Paradise Reborn grew in strength, eventually persuaded the government of The Tri-Tone that their dream of restoring this region to what they had seen as “past glory” was unattainable because the exiles clearly would not be begging for consent to return home on Tri-Tonian terms… They decided to begin withdrawing from all contact with the NationStates multiverse and, rather than seeking to retain regional control until the bitter end of their nations' presence there, contacted the government of Androssia in late April to discuss their terms for restoring power to the government-in-exile: This was the message with which they opened those talks _

Thinking back about the history of this fine region, it is a shame for it to end the way it has. I grew tired of it, and didn't like how things have changed since the old days, but it isn't fair for me to take it away from everyone else. The region belongs to its people, and it's people are with you. I am open to leaving the region and letting it be refounded, but I want "Androssia" to be the founder, and I would like this kept between you and I until it happens, just to lessen the chances of someone else founding the region. I will leave at a time of your choosing so that you can quickly refound. I also have another smaller request that I will ask for your word on. I know you owe me nothing considering what I did, but man to man, I ask for your word in exchange for the region.”

The Androssian response to this was a polite expression of interest, combined with an explanation that the governments of Godwinnia and St Edmund, and that of Dehspare, would also have to be involved as they were the alliance’s other remaining ‘Elder’ nations. The Tri-Tone then replied_

"I've never been a big fan of the founder by committee, but if that's how you guys want it, that's your business. But take the advice of an old hat when I say, keep it tight. Too many fingers in cookie jar isn't a good thing.
I wanted your word that after I turn the region over, I plan on letting my nation die, but I want for it to die in CP, the place of its birth years ago. Now I would need the assurance of everyone who has the power to eject that I won't be ejected and will be allowed to pass away in peace on CP soil. I have no assurances other than the word of who gives it. Your word is one thing, but how am I to be sure that everyone will agree?"

The governments of Androssia, Godwinnia, and Dehspare eventually agreed to give the government of The Tri-Tone that desired guarantee, after some discussion, and on the 4th of June the latter duly handed control of the region back to the government-in-exile which was initially represented here by a force of Godwinnian origins (but directed, on this occasion, by the government of Androssia) called the Guardians of Paradise. Within little more than a week the region’s population had risen back up to 10 nations, and by only a month after that re-founding it contained the current total of 23 nations as against 27 for its daughter-region… An election to determine the region's first post-"liberation" UN Delegate was held in late June: Brookslandia won this, beating New Vandalia by 6 votes to 4, but
agreed to call the next election in the middle of July -- although that was quite a bit earlier than this election would normally have been scheduled for -- so that the polls here and in Conservative Paradise Reborn could be synchronised. The consequent polls were won by Brookslandia again, but at the election after that -- in September -- they stood down and were replaced by the 'UN Mission' belonging to relatively new arrivals Akimonad.