Cookeslandic Broadcasting Corporation

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Cookeslandic Broadcasting Corporation
Headquarters: Port Imbris, Cookesland
Nationality: Cookesland
Specialty: Television and Radio
Storefront: [1]

The Cookeslandic Broadcasting Company, more often known as the CBC, is a large broadcasting company that offers free broadcasts of International News, Sport Clips, and regularly scheduled television programs. It currently broadcasts globally. CBC is a privately owned corporation and is funded via donations from viewers.


CBC was founded to provide the people of Cookesland with entertainment and a window to the other cultures of the world. Its shows come from around the world and it broadcasts in 30 different languages at last count. CBC often competes with other major broadcasting companies from around the world. This is due in part to the large recent influx of National Broadcasting Companies from around the world, but there's nothing like some good competition.

Popular Shows

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A very nice CBC news mug

News (International & Local)

  • The Looking-Glass-(INT)feat. anchor J. Lena Proust
  • Around the Corner-(Local)- (this show is different in every nation)
  • Le Monde-(INT)- New broadcast done in French (pour les francophiles)


  • NS World Cup- one of the most popular shows
  • Baptism of Fire Cup- also pretty popular
  • World Series- Baseball, not really popular outside of Cookesland
  • Ylompic Games- newer addition to the sports section.
  • TOUR de QAZOX- also quite new.


  • Wild Wild World- shows citizens of the world the rare and strange creatures of NS Earth
  • Meet the Nations- Host L. Gordon Wenton travels from nation to nation and exhibits their culture, high life, cuisine and more.- very successful.
  • Molto Maria- Chef N. Maria Cortina shows you how to make in your very own kitchen exquisite dishes from around the world.


  • Cookeslandic Decident- a broadcast of the latest actions of the Decident (kinda boring)
  • Polling Hour- The latest polls from around the world everything from national opinion polls to UN polls to Kenny Polls
  • UN Session- Shows the many delegates of the NS World hard at work.

List of Channels

  • CBC One -a popular mixed-genre television service, offering a wide range of high-quality programs.
  • CBC Two - is a mixed-genre channel appealing to a broad adult audience with programs of depth and substance
  • CBC Three - brings younger audiences to high-quality public service broadcasting through a mixed-genre schedule of innovative content featuring new talent.
  • CBC Four - mixed-genre television channel for all adults offering an ambitious range of innovative, high-quality output that is intellectually and culturally enriching.
  • Sports World - Features from The World Cup to local and regional games
  • NewsCenterD - Domestic News from the country its being broadcast in.
  • NewsCenterI - Round the clock International News.
  • CBCkidz - Shows for the youngsters.
  • CBCinema - Movie Channel
  • Daily Finance - Financial Updates from Major Companies, Exchange rates, and The Stock Markets
  • CBC Weather - From your part of the globe to the world
  • Les Culturegrams - Shows different Cultures and Customs from around the world
  • Comedy Hub - Comedies, Stand-up, and Movies that are hilariously funny
  • CBC History - History from around the world, weapons, wonders and why thing are the way they are


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A clip from a news program in Japanese

To fit and keep up with the news from all over the world the Cookeslandic Broadcasting Corporation is available in many languages from all over the world. In most cases it is either dubbed or subtitled in a language before it is fully broadcast in a new language. New languages are offered upon request of a nation's government.

Mission Statement

CBC goes anywhere there are people who need their story told to the world in Sickness or Health, Lie or Death, Rich or Poor, For Better or Worse (you may now kiss the bride). CBC also aims to provide all news and all shows from an NPOV position so that the viewers can decide what they think of a certain issue.