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Flag of Copaville
Motto: Raccoons Can Fly
not available, but Copaville is shaped like a martini
Region The North Pacific
Capital Copacabana
Official Language(s) Copanese
Leader Whoever feels like it
Population <a billion
Currency Rive 
NS Sunset XML

Copaville is a flourishing nation, with no clear religion, except to have a good time. It's that sort of place. Shaped like a martini glass, the 'cherry' (the Mila region in the north) was won fairly recently in the Tredal Wars against the Havanese.

Colourful characters have often graced the shores of Copaville. In the 1600s, a pirate escaped from his burning ship and made his way 200 miles to the country, where he promptly became the mayor. Two years later he was discovered, but allowed to stay mayor on account of his being so much better than all the other candidates. The pirate accent was probably part of it too, and the incident is still remembered in Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Music is a big part of life, especially the triangle, and free CDs are widely available. The government of Copaville are pretty much easy-going dudes and dudettes, but issues that concern them are the environment,education and free lunch for all. The nation's main holiday is January 24th, National Chill Out Day, when inhabitants are required by law to relax, have a pizza and watch The Simpsons. Copaville ally with whoever does the best martinis at that point in time.