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Flag of CoreWorlds
Motto: "Keep the Light shining, no matter what..."
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Region Alliance of Anime Nations
Capital Jurai; Earthside: Corusca City
Official Language(s) Basic (English), Huttese, German, Demonese, Japanese, L33t
Leader Patriarch Alexander Masaki
Population 4.397 billion
Currency The Credit 
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The Rebel Alliance of Coredia (Coreworlds) was once a large and powerful nation on the galactic stage. Now it has been subjucated by the Dark Lords of the Sith and only a small remnant remains...


4,000 years ago, during the time of Exar Kun and all the other Sith bad guys, 1 million Republic colonists and several Jedi found a planet they named Coredia and set up a colony where Coredia City would later be. However, forces by Darth Revan have touched Coredia, decimating the population and forcing it to get cut off from the greater galaxy. For the next four thousand years, the colonists would discover portals (Stargates) leading to and from the Demon World, and periodically, demon invasions would ravage villages and towns.

Other than the random demons, technology and science was much like Earth technology, as a portal reaching Earth was found. In the year 3890 (1890 on Earth), technology increased enough so that it was on par with most countries on Earth, and demon invasions began to get rarer. A peace treaty was made between humans and demons, and slowly, the prejudice against the species were reduced.

In the year 3985, the future President John 'Tenchi' Masaki was born to Jedi Knight Nathan and Andrea Masaki. As a young child, he defended weaker children from bullies, getting in many scrapes on the schoolgrounds of Saltus Grammar School in Bermuda on Earth, showing that the Light was strong in the boy.

At the age of 12, Tenchi trained under his grandfather, the great Jedi Master Yosho Masaki in the ways of the Force. He was a quick learner and slow to anger, and built his first lightsaber at age 14.

At age 15, there was a great change in the nation, as young people were elected to the Senate. People younger than 25 were considered more honest and able to tell the unvarnished truth, so it was no surprise that Tenchi himself ran for office. He became a Senator at that time, helping to set up the many orphanages that dot the countryside.

At that time, President Nixon Watergate was not the best person in the galaxy, and became corrupted by power and greed. Tenchi found out that the President was planning to abolish the Senate and become a dictator, so he led a police/army force to arrest him. In the ensuing firefight, many officers were killed, but in the end, the Senator forced the President to abdicate his office and the former leader was under house arrest for life.

This prompted the general public to ask him to run for election, knowing that a young Jedi would be a much better choice than an old leader. So he ran against other old men, and won a landslide election, getting more than 55% of the electoral and popular votes, and moved into the Executive Mansion at age 18.

In his long term as President, Tenchi has done many great things, from cracking down on the slave trade around Coredia to making peace with the Dragons of Coreworlds, whom you can still see in the Dragon Mountains on Earth.

But it would be two things that would propel President Tenchi Masaki to the top as the greatest of all Core leaders. One was the Civil War, in which General Hamdo, Yosho Masaki’s former apprentice, initiated a false murder charge against him and sent him to work as a slave-soldier. Then, during the Battle of Bermuda, the Fedral Union, Corneliu, -Noir-, and other allies helped the Rebel Fleet push back Hamdo’s forces, prompting him to launch a Hitler-style invasion of Konohagekure Village, a province-nation to the northeast of Earthside Coreworlds.

That invasion, too was beaten back, and a nuclear device was found and deactivated by the valiant forces of the Jedi, the Rebel military, and the Allies. In the last battle, however, Yosho Masaki was slain by Hamdo, and Tenchi, neared the Dark Side before turning back and slaying the false Emperor. In his dying breath, Yosho has conferred upon his grandson the level of Jedi Knight.

A few months later, a terrorist group led by Gatou, a precursor to the Red Dragons, managed to destroy the former capital of Core City with a nuclear missile. Fortunately, the terrorist group was crushed by the military and allied forces.

Two years later, Tenchi Masaki married Antonia ‘Toni’ Katherine Bento, in a great and happy ceremony. However, that ceremony was interrupted by an evil cult called the Red Dragons. At the Reception, the Chancellor of -Noir’s- girlfriend, Mireille, and dozens of children were kidnapped by the evil group, who sacrificed a child to bring out the dark Demon King.

Thus began the Demon War, where Tenchi, Naruto, Yusuke, Imitus (Techon’s leader), Keiji and others went through a Shroud, brought it down, and destroyed the Demon King.

About this time, the New Republic reestablished contact with Coredia and Chief of State Leia Organa Solo and her family personally led a diplomatic mission to establish relations and propel Coredia into space. Jacen, Jaina and Anakin Solo became good friends with Tenchi at this time.

In 4045 President Tenchi Masaki (now 60) stepped down in favor of his firstborn son, Alex Masaki, who changed the title to Emperor and bore a son himself, Andrew Masaki plus two daughters. But after a term of 10 years in office, Alex Masaki was set upon by an unknown enemy and his Star Destroyer was found destroyed, and Alex's body was never found. Andrew grew up under Christopher Masaki, Tenchi's second son, who ruled as Regent until Andrew was coronated at 18. Nothing substantial happened during his term.

At age 19, Andrew wedded Senator Jennifer Woolhaven, and bore a son named Daniel Masaki at 20.

Andrew Masaki has ruled during a great turmoil in the Galaxy. When his son Daniel was 3 years old, the ally Corneliu was torn apart in a great Civil War, and Andrew supported his godfather, President James Server in defeating the enemy, President Kerry.

5 Years later, in 4073, a great evil has befallen the Galaxy: The Shivans. The Shivan War have cost 2 billion lives before it ended at the Battle of Hell's Gate. The capital planet of Coredia was destroyed, with two billion souls (500 million NS) dead. The leadership soon relocated to Juria, where 10 billion people lived, the largest number in the nation.

It is the year 4077. Daniel Masaki turned twelve, the year designated as the time when chosen Jedi were sent to various Academys that dot the galaxy. Daniel was sent to Yavin VI, where he trained in the ways of the Force under the watchful eyes of Jedi Master Armas Elendil. But the Dark Side brewed during that time.

Tenchi Masaki was 92 years old at this time, but he has sensed that his son Alex was still alive. He sped to a distant planet to confront the younger man and was slain. The Force reverbrated with his death, sending a wave strong enough that all Force-sensitives could feel it.

A few weeks later, the Academy was invaded by first, pirates and then, Imperial Remnant troops and several Jedi were killed. Daniel Masaki and several apprentices were trained enough that they were able to defeat the invaders and drive them back into space.

A week of intense training later, the Jedi were able to defeat Alex Masaki, his co-Sith Tak'a-Tamen and notorous crime boss Chudda the Hutt. After that, Daniel continued his training, becoming a powerful Jedi. At about this time he trained for a short time under a controverial Master known as Kartion, who would later disappear to resurface as a Dark Lord of the Sith.

At this time, a war ravaged between Corpsac and Coredia, a war that continued until Daniel was 15 and Coredia defeated Corpsac over their capital of Cordian. He defeated the Empress in a great duel, but the Lord Darth Bane was still around and rebuilt Corpsac. (In an AU, it lasted four years)

Now, in 4081, the Sith arrived to wreck havoc on Coredia. In a few short weeks, they have managed to destroy Juria and the main shipyards of Waylord, prompting Emperor Andrew Masaki to 'surrender' his nation and go into hiding, setting up a Rebel Alliance in it's place. The Rebel Alliance has shaken up the leadership some. Andrew Masaki has changed his title to High Councilor as he consolidates control with the demise of the Senate and the majority of his colonies. War continued to ravage worlds at the front lines. Thousands died every day. The Empire and the Rebellion were at an impasse. Then, a return to the battlefield of Endor changed everything...

The Emperor and his son learned of a secret base on Endor, thought to be destroyed by fallout from the second Death Star. There, father and son amassed a fleet to destroy the base and set back Imperial R&D by years. It was a brilliant success, but at a terrible cost, for the Empire had managed to capture the duo, breaking the morale of the Rebellion for a good many months. What's even more terrible was that the Empire paraded the two before the Holonet cameras on the grounds of the Imperial Palace. Daniel was tortured and beaten by Imperial stormtroopers for days on end, while Andrew suffered the Emperor's taunts himself. Both were pushed to the edge of the Dark Side, but Daniel was pushed further, nearly breaking. Then, Andrew dueled the Emperor Palpatine in a vast and devastating duel worthy of the greatest Sith and Jedi. It was a stalemate for a very long while until Daniel entered, twisted by the Emperor's experiments. Caught off-guard, Andrew was forced on the defensive by his son's powerful grasp of the Dark Side. In desperation, the Jedi Master tore through the boy's mental defenses with the Force, forcibly bringing the good memories of Daniel's life to the fore. It succeeded, and Daniel was saved. But at a great cost, for Emperor Palpatine, furious at the loss of his new apprentice, ordered thousands of troops into the Throne Room ro kill the Coredian Emperor and his heir. Shot by the forces of darkness, Andrew desperately unleashed a powerful lightning attack on the Imperial Palace, blowing open an air duct for Daniel to crawl through. With his last gasp, Andrew ordered Daniel to leave the wretched palace and became one with the Force.

Daniel's darkest hours began. Struggling through the air duct, the young man found himself in the depths of Coruscant. Bleeding heavily, the injuries sustained in the battle overcame him and he collapsed in an alleyway, preparing to die.

In the end, the Force was merciful to him. A mysterious benefactor has saved him and restored him on a Cloud City lookalike. The teenager was restored to health just long enough for Darth Vader to grab him and put him in carbonite, but failed due to Daniel activating his family's teleportation powers. That and the fact that his grandfather Alexander Masaki came out of retirement to lead the nation with Andrew's death and saved the boy from the Empire's grasp.

First Battle of Konoha

A month later, Daniel was knighted in a ceremony along with some of his old friends aboard the Star Battleship Sovereign.

(To be continued)


Coredia's society is based heavily on the so-called "Star Wars" Galaxy, and models it's government after Coruscant. However, there is a separation of powers, similar to the United States of America: Executive, Legislative and Judicary. The Executive Branch is embodied in the Emperor and the Jedi High Council. The Legislative Branch is embodied in the Senate and the Judicary Branch is embodied in the Supreme Court.

The architecture takes its cues from Naboo, Alderaan and Earth's Orient, making many a beautiful city on the planets. There is a Holonet that offers news and entertainment from all around the galaxy, even Earth.

Coredian society is made up of Clans, of which the Masaki Clan is the ruling clan. There are times when clans get into disputes with each other, and were it not for the Jedi to mediate between them, the disputes would have degenerated into civil war. Nevertheless, the Clans make up about a quarter of the Coredian Senate, generating a lot of clout indeed. Unlike many monarchial societies, the Coredians rarely engage in pomp and circumstance, electing to have efficiency over tradition, which irks many of the older families' pride. Even the Royal Family is light on politeness, taking cues from Japanese society, but nothing more elaborate than Lord Masaki or Masaki-sama as opposed to President Masaki. Still, they do garner a great amount of respect from the people, even in the darkest hours of the war against the Empire.


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Humans: 75%

Demi-Humans (ranges from elves to humanoid demons): 10%

Non-humans: 5%

True Demons: 3%

Other (Dragons, etc): 2%

The Jedi Order

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