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Flag of Corgonon
Motto: Tonight, We dine in Hell
[ ]
Capital Gardon
Official Language(s) English, Maltese, French
Leader Winston Mathews
Population 163 Million
Currency Euro 
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Untill Friday 28th of Septemeber 2007 the country was inflames. Know one wanted to live there. The previous government was corrupt and put the country of Corgonon in to serious debt. The people got fed up and wanted their lives to run as normal. The people called for an election. The Anarchist government were to face The Liberal Democratic government for the title of Corgonon. 3 Million+ votes were awarded to the Liberal goverment and this is where the leader Winston Mathews came into power. Promising the people a better life, a safe country and nice hot meal.

The Holy Republic of Corgonon

History of Corgonon

Corgonon was found in th 14th century by Alex Mc'linerd. He claimed to have been fishing when his crew members spotted near by land. They checked a map and sore that this peice of land was not actually on it. Mc'linerd set sail to this land. He docked and exited. He found beautiful rain forrests and on caves hyro-glifics. He sensed that the Island must be inhabited or previouly inhabited. Mc'linerds men searched for the island for may hours till they made a magnificant discovery. The island was made of gold, but not just any gold. It was a pure green mitallic colour. Mc'linerd named it this gold "Corgonon" also the reason he named the Island that.

He set sail back to Britain and informed them on this news, also the Maltese and French were also tolled among this situation and they also habited that. Hence the reason for the countries main languages English, Maltese and French.

Geography of Corgonon


Through out the summer "July - September" the climate is indeed hot with heat waves and draughts. With Corogon situated in the Atlantic Ocean it the west part of the country gets lots of heat due to the "Gulf Stream". In the winter "October - March" the climate indeed gets cold. Snow, Ice and Rain. The rest of the year the weather tends to change from hot to cold.


Homeland: Simular to the size of Spain and France.

Natural Hazzards

Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tsunamis, Tropical Storms, Flooding, Draughts, Heat Waves, Frost, Heavy snow fall, Avalanches, Mud-slides, land-slides, Volcanoe erruptions, Earthquakes, Rock-slides, Fog, Mist, Ice, Heavy Storms

Current Issues

Pollution, Chemical waste


Corgonon is situted West of Spain and South West of England


Ethnic Groups

As Corgonon was founded many centuries ago it was habited by three main countries England, Malta and France. The ethnic race is determend from the ancestors.

British - 57% Matlese - 33% French - 10%

White - 60% Coloured - 45% Other - 30%

The majority of Corgonon is white. Corgonon isn't a racist country and alows citizens from all over to enter. Although at airports terrorist searches are required unless you are already a citizen of Cargonon. If you are coming for holiday you are given a permit for how long you are staying and the Corgonon government keep a record on you. If you are not out of the country with the time aloud you are arrested or you are imediatly kicked out.


Corgoron is made up of 5 main religions.

Catholicism - 55%

Church of Corgonon - 45%

Buddhism - 10%

Athiest - 10%

Other - 5%


To become a citizen

To become a citizen of the Corgoron Republic you must:

Have at least one parent or decendant from Corgoron

Be over the age 12

Recite the national Anthem to government personel

Name all 27 States

Name 5 previous priministers

Once completed and accepted by the government you are required to live in Corgonon for a minimum 2 years. Once done you will recieve a Corgonon citizenship and passport.


The Corgonon military is made up of 3 services:

The Corgonon Army CA

The Corgonon Air Force CAF

The Corgonon Navy CN

Corgonon Army

To insure the safty of the Corgonon republic on land and in other nations. General Winston Smith is the CO of the Corgonon Army. He advises people to join.

Mcmil britteninirak 550x413.jpg

Corgonon Air Force

To ensure the safty of the Corgonon skies. Make sure that no unidentified aircraft can make any reconersence of the area. You dont have to be a pilot to be in the CAF.

Raf hc 1.jpg

Corgonon Navy

To ensure that the Corgonon sorounding oceans are safe and not in danger. The Corgonon Coast Guard "CCG" is also to do with the Navy.

Rules on Joining the service

Each of these three jobs are to protect the nation and make sure that the nation is safe and sound. Unfortunatly these do come with rules and restrictions:

1) You need a good education

2) You need to be 16 to join the Navy or Air Force and 17 for the Army

3) You need to be a Corgonon citizen

National Security

Here in Corgoron we take National Security very seriously. We put our public before anything else and we also ensure the safty of them.

Standard Police

Standard Police are your average day police that you will se patrolling the streets to ensure safty. Standard police have the right to ask you any question they like and they are able to take you to the police station without giving you a reason. Anyone who disobeys the them may get a warning. If the police are disrupting you in anyway, taking away your rights or even taking away your tea then feel free to phone "Margaret Jones" the countries freedom rights asscociate.

London police nr.jpg

Armed Police

Armed Police are put implace of standard police if the priminister puts the country on lock down due to any reason he see's fit. You are to undertake any order of which an armed police officer may ask you to do and if denied you are put in prison untill the country comes from under lock down. If you run away from an armed police officer he has the right to shoot at the floor twice and if you still hasn't responded after that they will shoot at you.


The Secret Police

You never really know if you are among a secret police officer. They are armed constantly with a 9mm pistol within their suit and a pair of hand cuffs. This form of police can take you out for no matter what. They will most probably take you out of the street in pure day light and kidnap you by throwing you into a dark black van. They will either take you in to the police station or they will take you to a quiet location and shoot you in the head. They travel in groups of 3-4 and are well trained, mainly ex-army personel.

Country threats

If the country is under lockdown it most probably because of a terrorist threat. Country Lock down is divided into 5 catagories.

Level 1 (Neutral)

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

Level 1 (Neutral)

Level 1 is just normal. You do what you do in everyday life.

Level 2

Standard police are more aware and train stations, airports and harbours all close at 11pm.

Level 3

Standard police are more aware than ever now. Train stations, airports and harbours all close at 9pm.

Level 4

Armed police take to the streets. Train stations, airports and harbours are closed untill further notice. Only main mortorways are open all back roads are shut and ID is needed to enter several cities. People have to be in their house by 10pm and all bars, pubs and clubs etc shut at 9:30pm.

Level 5

No where is open. You are expected to show ID to enter any building. Clubs, bars and pubs are constantly closed. All mortorways are closed. Police have a right to arrest you if you dont obey them. The country is under severe lockdown. No one gets in, no one gets out!

Abortion police2.jpg