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The Federal City of Coricas
Nation: Cookesland
Founded: Jan 1. 2007
Function: Capital
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
City Population: 10,500,000
Urban Population: 15,500,000
Leader: Mayor Girard L. Sunn

Characterized by wide avenues, tree-lined boulevards, and a colorful night life Coricas is the capital city of Cookesland as well as the political and cultural center of the nation. It is located on the Ésparo River.

The city consists of 5 districts: Embassy, Harbor, Center, Northwestern ,Southeastern which are used really for adminisrative puposes.

The Decident building is over looking the waterfront of the city and is in the Harbor District. Another famous site in Coricas is The Great Shrine located in th Southeastern District of the city. it is the spiritual home of the nation's Yestarian Church.

The Embassy District is home to all of Cookesland's Embassies and diplomats, as well as the Department of State. On January 25, 2006 the city's name was changed from Borough to Coricas.

Twin Cities

Coricas currently has 5 other cities it is twinned with: