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Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Corinth
Position Goalkeeper
Caps 31
Goals 1
U21 Caps 15
U21 Goals 2
Clubs played for Riandu Anum
Teams managed None
World Cup 25 Winner, FNI2 Winner, U21WC14 Winner, AOCAF10 Winner

Corominas is considered, quite rightly, to be the most insane goalkeeper in the history of Starblaydia's national team. Often referred to as 'Crazy Coro' (or Koro ojyu in Rejistanian, at the Riandu club he plays for), he will pepper his play with Scorpion Kicks, dribbles out of his box and all manner of on-the-ball tricks with hand or foot.

Due to his playing style, Corominas is often over-looked for the highest honour in Starblaydi football: the national team starting 'keeper. Though he has played in goal during the Under-21 World Cup 14- and AOCAF10-winning sides, he is still not considered 'safe' enough the spotlight, as shown for World Cup 25, when he was denied the #1 jersey for the campaign. That decision, however, proved to be correct as Starblaydia won the tournament with Corominas on the bench for all but three games.

Corominas also has a long-running 'feud' with a Starblaydi Goalkeeper Angelos Prokopsis. Prokopsis, the consummate professional, has always been dismissive of Corominas' antics, though the innate skill and flair of the man from Corinth is certainly something to be jealous of. If Prokopsis' drive and dertermination could be matched with Corminas' skill and flair in a single player, then there would stand a perfect Goalie.

His flair didn't help him much in World Cup 26 as he let in four goals against Crystilakere in the Second round match, dumping Starblaydia out of the competition, the tournament they were attempting to defend.

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