Coté d'Sur

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Coté d'Sur
Nation: Sicinia Salis
Capital: Saint Michele(west) Martinique(east)
Leader: Various local lords and sensechals


  • 92% Sicinii
  • 6% Akaeian
  • 2% Other

The Coté d'Sur, or Southern Coast, of Sicinia is the wealthiest, most densely populated, and most powerful region in the entire country, if not all of Namura. More than 50% percent of the country's population live in the narrow strip of land from Cape Temerine on the western side of the Salis estuary to the Gap of Chanaud in the east. Almost all major cities are located in this area, including Saint Michele, Ecole de Mer, Tête Pierreuse, Martinique, Bourrais, and Bausin.

The population of the Coté d'Sur views itself as the only "true Sicinians", and are scornful of others, especially Northerners, who have different cultural and ethnic origins. Most of the land not covered by cities or towns is well-developed farmland, consisting mainly of wheat near the coast and vineyards on the upper slopes. in the west sheep-raising is also common. However, commerce, shipping, manufacturing and trade are increasingly dominant, making some of the world's richest people. The hillsides around Martinique are dotted with palatial estates, and unversity cities like Ecole de Mer are becoming resorts for the wealthy.

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The Yellow Cliffs of the Coté d'Sur, a beauty spot remarkable for the lack of urban development