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C'tannism is the largest religion in Thelas. The Principles vary, but in order to be considered a form of C'tannism, some form of reverance toward one of the C'tan (lit: 'Star God') is required. In general the variants of C'tannism are somewhat monotheistic, though there are no current variants of C'tannism that deny the existance of multiple dieties.

Beliefs - Mainstream

The Thelasi version of C'tannism, officially reffered to as the High Church of the C'tan or High Church of C'tannism is in many ways a form of traditional elven belief, with a stricter moral code attached. As in 'The Faith' the physical universe is held to have been created by Wikipedia:Eru as in elvish faith, and the Wikipedia:Valar are also considered real (convincing a Thelasi that they are in fact not, given the continuing prescence of Melkor Unchained would be rather difficult).

The C'tannist faith also uses as part of its recieved doctrine, the Fractal_reality theory.

The reverance given to the C'tan in the C'tannist faith is somewhat similar to that of the Valar,except where the latter are considered both pre-eminent and distant, the former are considered subsidiary but immediate. The Church concerns itself most with [Mephet'ran], as the moral structure of the religion was essentially provided by him.


The Moral guidance of C'tannism is the underlying reason for the religion's creation. Key tenets of the relgion are respect for others, respect for one's self, and least importantly, respect for legitimate authority. The third is the most contentious issue for the Thelasi state, who have sometimes seen the religion's goal to be subversion.

The morality of the C'tannist faith is designed as an even mix between contemplative and immediate impetuses, and almost all C'tannists are not restricted in their activites - there are no direct equivalents to christian monks, though there are direct equivalents to various holy orders within other religions, such as the Catholic Wikipedia:Order_of_St_John. It is important to note that unsolicited evangelism is explicitly and repeatedly disavowed by the major texts of the C'tannist faith. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the religion has grown rapidly despite its relative youth.

The full body of Reccomended Morality includes long and highly complex discussions of concepts such as 'Justice', 'The Sanctity of Life and Compassion', 'Tolerance', 'The Duality of Consertatism and Change' and 'Honour' appear in the C'tannist canon, which is both provided by Mephet'ran and added to continously by both the 'Star God' himself and various theologians.


The incumbent and only head of the Church is a former member of the sprawling Thelasi Military establishment by the name of Isharnil Henelach. The powers given to her are mostly regarding the accepted Canon of the Church, as well as supreme (excluding Mephet'ran) temporal authority over the Church's operations. Similar authority would, should the church spread, be extended to the heads of branches in other nations.

The Thelasi C'tannist Church is divided into four main divisions by geographic location. These include the Elsairi Regional Church, which covers the majority of the Thelasi Home System's residents, and is therefore the largest, the Uramar Regional Church, which covers the small outposts on the Thelasi system's innermost planet, the Delosi Regional Chuch, which covers numerous Thelasi space-bound military installations and the 'Outreach' Regional Church, which covers those Church groups working abroad as well as C'tannist Expatriates.

Worship and Spiritualism

There is no canonical impetus for worship of anyone or anything in C'tannism, though some grand and impressive temples exist, including altars, partly for show, and partly to serve as community buildings. The compratively small priesthood does hold ceremonies on some days for those (around 5-15%) of the Church population who engage in such ceremonies.

Private spiritualism and meditation are far more important than Worship in C'tannism, and practices vary greatly by individual.

Beliefs - Variants

There are several smaller variants of C'tannism within the Necrontyr empire itself, including one practiced by around seven percent of the growing drow minority led by one Jenesst'Intraica, known for her show-womanship and a smaller cult sponsored by the C'tan Asirnoth devoted to 'technology worship.'