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A small nation consisting of two islands in the far west of the South Pacific, a nation that puts its army and economy ahead of its people. The ruler controls all that happens but for most, this is better then the civil wars that afflicted the land for centuries. The capital of the north and now the land is Fort Iramawa, the capital of the south is the city of Manillenga.

Surrounded by the polluted sea, there are not many landmarks of note for tourists unless you are interested in dark and bloody places like the river Behon where the Kia wiped out the defeated Natorriwi people after a long and bloody war. Culture has never been highly valued, after all the capital of this land is a military fortress and not a place of trade or learning.

Most people are pretty uneducated and have to work hard, legally or illegally to make a living. The upper-class is always careful to avoid displeasing the government but anybody who catches the eye of the government for talent is carefully moulded to be loyal and to use his abilities for just for them. Many intelligent criminals have been spared execution and been given government roles, but the problem is to be spotted when you can't even read.

Cuation Civil War

The clan of the Iramawa had died out, leaving a power vacuum for one of the warlords to take control but it would take centuries for the land to be unified. Iramawa was said to be impassable without the Fort's own counsellors approving but many tried and lost, often their own allies turning around and attacking their home base.

Many clans rose and fell during these turbulent times with many small clans leeching onto the bigger clans. The Takerath clan leeched onto the Weinan clan, often being sent to fight the battles for their masters but never being allowed to grow themselves. That changed when the Weinan overlord, Mistogrua, led an attack on the Toko clan to the west.

Mistogrua was an able warlord who could have united the land himself but taking his best men with him, he left his lands to the care of his corrupt and incompetent sons. The eldest son Mark, began ruling the people with an iron fist, bringing back slave labour and