Cult of the Sun and the Moon

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The Cult of the Sun and the Moon has been around since before there was a Khallayne. This disorganized religious system holds quite simply that the Sun and the Moon are divine beings that sustain the world and that in order to maintain that good favor all humans must worship these entities. The Cult believes that various religions cropped up when humans attempted to explain in greater detail reality itself but in the process forgot what was truly important: to keep the Sun and the Moon happy.

Practices and Beliefs

The beliefs of the Cult of the Sun and the Moon are, as stated above, that the Sun and Moon are divine beings that need to be worshipped to sustain the world. Most followers are attracted to the Cult because it is very disorganized and there are near infinite variations on its rituals, practices, and the size of each cult.

The Cult also teaches that beneath the Sun and the Moon are many lesser spirits: the souls of men and women who have died and who, because they lived good lives and honored the Sun and Moon, are allowed to stay in the world to help their descendants. For those who walked evil paths there is only Oblivion.

As there are plenty of versions of the Cult there was a near universal declaration signed by most of the Cult Leaders to the Khallaynan Government after the Proclamation of Religious Freedom was declared that said simply:

"While you worry about the petty details of life, we see the glorious tapestry as a whole.

We see our (and your) place beneath the Sun and the Moon, whom we all worship with different names and rituals.

You live in excess and have nothing, we live simply and have everything.

You say we are free now, but we were (and still are) freer than you will ever be."


The exact history of the Cult is fractured and broken at best but it is assumed that during Prehistory the Cult of the Sun and the Moon evolved out of basic Animism and managed to endure the coming of Skormism during the birth of the Ambernost Empire (Pre-Khallayne). Not much is known about the origins of the Cult's rituals (beyond Animism), no one is even sure where the Cult derived their name from. What is known of the Cult before the Proclamation of Religious Freedom was taken from factions of the Cult that had been caught by the Religious Enforcers, a now defunct section of Khallaynan government.

Each "Faction" of the Cult is in fact it's own micro-religion with it's own rituals, names for the various spirits, even different ways of organizing the faithful and the priests. In order to become a Priest you must be trained by one who is a Priest in the faith (both men and women are called "Priests") in all of the sacred rituals and be trained in the "Deep Arts" (what the "Deep Arts" are no one is sure) and then ordained in a simple ritual where the Intiate swears to live simply and to help preserve the order of the world.

Much about this religion is comming to light as the long night of repression is ending in Khallayne and the glorious new dawn of freedom has come.