Dûn Ádien

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World Heritage Sites & Treasures List entry:
Dûn Ádien
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Nation: Iansisle
Type: site
Number on list: #39

Dûn Ádien (pronounced ‘doon AH-duh-en’) is the home of the royal family of Shadoran, the House of Callahan. It was built in 1683 by King Ian IV of Shadoran and used as a base to use the naval power of Shadoran against the land power of the Kingdom of the Foothills. In 1697, when the Grand Empire of the Shield was formed, Dûn Ádien became the seat of the monarchy.

Dûn Ádien was built on the small Island Adien five miles off the shore of what would become the city of Ianapalis. As royal power waxed, the island came to be known as ‘Ian’s Island,’ from which the modern ‘Iansisle’ derives.