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About DNSX 136

The DNSX 136 (or The Digital Network Stock Exchange Top 136 Stocks) is where people and companies can buy shares in other conpanies and even acquire companies. Many foreign companies are listed on the stock exchange as well as companies based in The Digital Network. Owning Shares can be very risky as the Stock Market can be volatile at times so it is recommended to keep a look out on the prices on your stock as proces can go down as well as up, but the DNSX is still a great way to make money as millions of people have shares on the stock market and loads of money is being made every day. 136 Stocks are listed on the DNSX 136. The DNSX 136 is owned by the DNSX Stock Exchange Corporation which charge commission on each share trade.

List of Stocks and Shares on the DNSX

Below are the companies listed on the DNSX, companies are sorted by name not by Ticker Name, the country of origin of where the company comes from is also listed. Any company can be listed here, so any new companies and existing companies are welcome to add their listing. A majority of the stocks are companies from Kedalfax, The Digital Network, the European Economic Area and the United States of America.

Add your companies here:

Numbers to K

THDC - 3HD Cinemas - The Digital Network
TWD - 3wide Designs - Vilita
MMM - 3M Corporation - United States of America
ADI - Adidas Clothing and Sport - Germany
AEA - Aerologica Airways - The Digital Network
ANAU - AeroNautica Shipping - The Digital Network
AP - AeroPacitalia - Pacitalia
APP - Apple Computer - United States of America
ASAA - Associated Simtropolis Aviation & Airports - The Digital Network
ASDA - ASDA (Associated Dairies) Supermarkets and Hypermarkets (Owned by Walmart Stores) - United States of America/United Kingdom
ACC - Associated Cinemas Corporation - The Digital Network
ASZE - AstraZeneca - United Kingdom/Sweden
ADA - AtmoDigiNet Airways - The Digital Network
ANET - AutoNet (Motorway Services and Toll Roads) - The Digital Network
AKI - Avery-Kade International - Audland
AZIN - AzIntel- Excalbia
BSCH - Banco Santander Central Hispano - Spain
BARC - Barclay's Bank - United Kingdom
BRIC - BricoBrick Business and Home Construction - The Digital Network
BRIN - Brings Media Network - Brings
BA - British Airways (BA) - United Kingdom
BAC - Broadbandpolis Auto Corporation (BAC) - The Digital Network
BLZI - Bullz-eye Stores, Inc. - Metropolitan Houston
BP - British Petroleum (BP) - United Kingdom
BHP - BHP Billiton Mining - United Kingdom
BT - British Telecom (BT) - United Kingdom
BK - Burger King (Simtropolis) - United States of America
CAD - Cadbury Schweppes - United Kingdom
CIST - CalcInteresta Bank - The Digital Network
CAR - Carrefour Hypermarkets - France
CARG - Carpathian Global - Nevada
CLO - Cloud (Budget Airline) - The Digital Network
CCWS - Coca-Cola (West Simtropolis) - United States of America
COPA - Colgate-Palmolive - United States of America
COM - Com.uni.glo Corporation - The Digital Network
COMN - Commute Now (Public Transport) - The Digital Network
CIS - Consolidated Insurance and Building Society (CISBS) - The Digital Network
CLM- Cremmel Motor Corp. Vehicles -Kedalfax
CCA - CrossContinents Airlines - The Digital Network
DELL - Dell Computers Corporation - United States of America
DAN - Danone/Dannon Foods and Dairy - France
DT - Deutsche Telekom (Owners of T-Mobile) - Germany
DIA - DIA: DestInternational Airways - The Digital Network
DFT - Direct Flight (Budget Airline) - The Digital Network
DIS - Disney - United States
EON - E.ON Electricity - Germany
EZY - EasyJet (Budget Airline) - United Kingdom
ECS - EconomiCompass (Budget Airline) - The Digital Network
EDF - EDF Energy - France
ENEL - ENEL Energy - Italy
EPF - Enviro Petroleum Fuels - The Digital Network
EQU - Equilio (Private Equity) - The Digital Network
FEEL - FeelEx (Feel the Experience) Family Cars & Sport Cars - The Digital Network
FC - Ferrovial Construction - Spain
FIAT - Fiat Automobile - Italy
FIB - FiberOptica Cable Telecommunications - The Digital Network
FLO - Flogenomics - Love and esterel
BIRD - FlyBird Airlines - The Digital Network
FCOM - France Telecom (Owners of Orange Mobile) - France
FRSH - Fresh Hypermarkets - The Digital Network
FGP - FunGamble&Play - The Digital Network
GEE - GenEn Electricity, Water and Gas - The Digital Network
GSK - GlaxoSmithKline -United Kingdom
GEN - Generator Electrical Superstores - The Digital Network
BURP - Glug Gulp Burp Soft Drinks and Snacks - The Digital Network
GOOG - Google Simtropolis (Search Engine) - United States of America
GUS - Great Universal Stores - United Kingdom
HABI - Habitatruction Construction - The Digital Network
HP - Hewlett Packard & Compaq Computers Corporation - United States of America
DNA - HelixDNA Medical Research and Pharmaceuticals - The Digital Network
HKA - Happy Kids & Adults (Theme Parks & Water Parks) - The Digital Network
HILO hifLY loPrice Airlines (Budget Airline)-The Digital Network
HOLI - Holidrive Car Rental - The Digital Network
HSBC - HSBC Bank - United Kingdom
IEC - IEC Bank - United Island Empires
INF - Infoengine Corporation - The Digital Network
INTH - InterContinental Hotels (Owners of Holiday Inn)- United Kingdom
JGO - JustGO! Airlines (Budget Airline) - The Digital Network
JMC - JMC Sport Clothing - Krytenia
KING - Kingfisher DIY (B&Q & Castorama) - United Kingdom
KMC - Kedalfax Motor Corporation - Kedalfax
KNOW - Knowledgeum (Book Publishing & Museums) - The Digital Network
KOL - Kedalfax Online Corporation - Kedalfax

L to Z

LOR - L'Oréal - France
MS - Marks & Spencer's Clothing and Home - United Kingdom
MSC - Magifscope Search Engine - The Digital Network
MHTA - Metropolitan Houston Transit Authority (co-owned by Texas National Railways) - Metropolitan Houston
MCD - McDonalds (The Digital Network and Simtropolis) - United States of America
MICR - Microsoft (West Simtropolis) Corporation - United States of America
MTaCC - More Then a Car Corporation (MTaCC) Sports Cars - The Digital Network
MOTO - Motorola Communication Equipment Corporation - United States of America
MRDA - MrDA: Multiregion Delivery Airways (Postal and Delivery Services) - The Digital Network
NEST - Nestlé Foods - Switzerland
NEWS - News Corporation (Owners of FOX & The Times Newspaper) - United States of America
NEXT - NEXTDEV Software - The Digital Network
NOK - Nokia (Simtropolis) - Finland
ONE - OneLife Insurance - The Digital Network
PG - PartyGaming Online - United Kingdom
PEP - PepsiCo (The Digital Network & West Simtropolis)- United States of America
PROV - Provida Business IT Services - The Digital Network
PUBA - PublicInform Advertising - The Digital Network
RAC - RadAirCom Mobile - The Digital Network
RECB - Reckitt Benckiser Household Products - United Kingdom
REN - Renault Automobile - France
RENT - Rentokil Initial - United Kingdom
REUT - Reuters News Services - United Kingdom
RBS - Royal Bank of Scotland - United Kingdom
SAIN - Sainsbury's Supermarkets - United Kingdom
SAM - Samsung - South Korea
SAN - SanDisk - United States of America
SCI - SciWheel Autos - The Digital Network
SDP - SD&PSA: Simtropolis Delivery & Postal Service Air (Postal and Delivery Services) - The Digital Network
SECV - SecVault (Security Services) - The Digital Network
SOFT - SoftComfort Home Furnishings and Carpet - The Digital Network
SHLL - Shell Petroleum - United Kingdom/Netherlands
SIM - SIMSteel (Simtropolis Steel Factories Corporation) - The Digital Network
SS - ShopSmart - Swilatia
SDE- SimDigiElectron (Electricity & Utilities) - The Digital Network
SAF - Simtropolis Advanced Fuels (SAF) - The Digital Network
SWA - Simtropolis WorldTrip Airlines - The Digital Network
SONY - Sony Corporation - Japan
STAP - Staples Office Superstore - United States of America
TELA - Telefonica - Spain
TES - Tesco Supermarkets - United Kingdom
TNR - Texas National Railways - Republic of Texas
DNSX - The Digital Network Stock Exchange Corporation - The Digital Network
HOMD - The Home Depot. (DIY) - United States of America
TW - TimeWarner Corporation - United States of America
TOYO - Toyota Corporation - Japan
TRUS - Toys "Я" Us (Simtropolis) - United States of America
TNG - Transco National Grid (Power Stations, Gas Piping, Pylons) - United Kingdom
TRI - TriPetal Biotechnologies - Zaïre
TUI - TUI Holidays - Germany
UBS - UBS Banking - Switzerland
UNI - UniCredit Banking - Italy
UNPH - United Private HealthCare (UNPH) - The Digital Network
UNIL - Unilever - United Kingdom/Netherlands
USHP - USHIP Shipping - The Digital Network
VIR - Virgin Group (Conglomerate) - United Kingdom
VT - Visionary Towers Construction - The Digital Network
VIST - VisTerra Airlines - The Digital Network
VOD - Vodafone - United Kingdom
WBP - WellBeing Pharmaceuticals - The Digital Network
YOUR - Your House (Estate Agents and DIY) - The Digital Network
YUM - Yummy & Tasty Hypermarkets - The Digital Network
ZEL - Zelco Media Corp - Kedalfax
ZOLO - Zolo Mobile Cell phone Manufacturing/service - Kedalfax