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Flag 80f9e9b889.jpg
Flag of Dafitopiapolis
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Region Global Left Alliance
Capital Dafitopiapolis
Official Language(s) Saenarean
Leader Comrade VOP Dafidius
Population c. 2,000,000,000
Currency Silesti 
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Comrade 'Voice of the People' Dafidius is the Peoples' Commissar of Dafitopiapolis, a vast and famous nation. Dafitopiapolis is one of the longest standing RKKA nations and considers itself to be a bastion of strength agaisnt what it views to be both ADN and Union oppression. Dafidius has worked for both the ADN, as a military officer and for the Peoples Republic of the Pacific as Governor of the Inferus District. He now considers both organisations to be utterly corrupt, but has some degree of respect for the old NPO regime under Francos Spain. Dafitopiapolis considers itself to be neither a defender or invader, although it has participated in both historic invasions (such as the ADN attack against Great Bight in the North Pacific) and defences (such as the defence of Lazarus against the DEN).

Dafitopiapolis has been a member of four notable regions:

1. Equilism, as part of the ADN 2. The Pacific, under first the NPO and then the PRP 3. The Realms of Knowledge, which it founded. The famous region that has now dissolved but at its height contained over 100 nations 4. Global Left Alliance, of which it is co-founder. It is a forward looking, ideologically liberated leftist RKKA member

National information

Dafidus disappeared from nationstates in mid 2005, most of his nations have been deleted due to inactivity, and nobody has heard from him in a very long time.


Dafitopiapolis, along with its brother nation Dafidutopia, uncle nation the Glorious Empiret, was founded by a group of transcendant beings from the divine realms of something like Heaven. These founding fathers came from the Glorious Empiret of the Seven Stars, a Communist Empire that is located on a planet called earth, which has striking resemblances to our own earth.

These divine lords bred rapidly and created communist villages in the vast forests and grasslands of the realms of knowledge. They were all vegetarian environmentalists and rapidly the hamlets joined together to create a might city; Dafitopiapolis, named after its omnipresent ruler Comrade Voice of the People Dafidius.

The people built great universities, opera houses, temples, libraries and laboraties, quickly becoming extremely advanced, culturally, technologically, scientifically philosophically and spiritually. The influence of Post-Modernist uncertainty has always been present on the nation's people, however they practice extreme ideological liberation.

The image shows different pictures of the Voice of the People, Comrade VOP Dafidius.



The peoples have never needed an army, welcoming all visitors and dividing the land and wealth among the people. They follow no ideology or single religion and have no need for conflict. Nevertheless, there are amny wizards of some considerable power, especially conjurors who have been know to sommon ferocious demons. These have been persuaded to return to their satantic planes through extensive and charismatic diplomacy.

The people of Dafitopiapolis are ideologically free from oppression, economically free from oppression and politically free from oppression, however, the government has a healthy balance between totalitarianism and laissez-faire irresponsibility. For example, slavery is abolished, as is the murder of animals etc. It should be noted that the people consider themselves far more liberal than the libertarian americans who allow police oppression as well as economic oppression while doing nothing about drugs or gun control.

Culture and Language:


The main language is Saeanarean, however, other worthy languages such as Esperanto, Latin and English are spoken.

Saenarean is a unique language. It is completely formal and was artificially constructed by the philosopher and mathematician Sianares, who used it to programme his advanced computer, the Saeanarean machine. It is based around the very (EQUE) meaning to equal or to be. The brackets signify that it is a verb. Noun phrases have square brackets either side of the verb.

The language is based around this one verb, which acts like a mathematical equals sign (=) and is always completely exchangable either side. For this reason, its meaning is slightly different from the English verb 'to be'.

The language is far more useful than English, for one can always be certain what the other person is saying. There are far more cases, tenses and versions of plurality, as well as a collossal vocabularly meaning that it is possible to say a much greater variety of things.


The folk music stems from ancient Zutanesian music and is based on thousands of different musical modes, however, of these the mode that the English call the Dorian and the Zutanesians call the Mirithian was usually the most significant. It symbollised perfection, philosophical wisdom and the colour blue and the day monday.

Today the Classical music of Dafitopiapolis uses the major and natural minor scales. The harmonic and melodic minors are viewed as imperfect modes. Composers write usually in the styles of western classical music from 1640-1900, however there are variations of these quite often. The ban on propaganda has meant that it is very difficult for composers to write nationalist music. Nevertheless, following a wave of Russian immigrants in August, Tchaikovsky's 1812 has become increasingly popular and some cannons have had to be bourght from abroad to aid the performance.

Comrade VOP Dafidius himself was a notable composer, creating many different suites, ballets, symphonies, concertoes, chamber pieces and even a few operas. It was he, more than any other composer, who defined the city states' unique music style.

Operas usually have lyrics in Saeanarean, for the language is known for its poetic sound. For example:

[OMAPA-[NAEN]](EQUE)[PATI[PASI[MON]]] (prounced OH-Marr-parr Nine A qu A Party-parsy Mone) means:

'All things are united as one'.

Most forms of popualr music are considered propaganda and are therefore illegal. Rock musicians and Goths are generally exiled if they repeatedly try to convert innocent citisens to their ways, which are generally viewed as evil. The absence of this American music has allowed the youth to be much more intelligent and culutrally inclined than the average citisen of the world and the harsh policy on capitalist propaganda-music is extremely popular.


Artistic realism has been refined to be considered more aethetic than reality itself by many foreign observers. The famous Rennaisance style art work has been known to mystify foreign visiters, especially those from capitalist nations who immeidately choose to settle in one of the nation's secular monasteries. The art may be simply an embodiment of perfection or may be used to convey powerful emotions.

All art work is open to the public, in beautiful covered walkways. Often bands play on the streets, filling them with music and light.Abstract art is also legalised, as long as it is aesthetic.


One of the first problems of that the Concilliate faced was how could it make an aestheitically pleasing city without wasting money that could be used to save lives. Fortunately, millions of citisens offered to help, creating beautiful cities that is at harmony with nature. The architecture is never a display of national power, which could be considered propaganda. Instead it must be beautiful in its own right and must not create dissonance against its natural surroundings.

All styles, Classical or Gothic, Western or Oriental are allowed, as long as they fulfil these requirements. Famous buildings include the Opera House, in which music is played persistantly, never ceasing and the Peoples' Palace and Art Gallery. There are also many eco-power stations and recycling centres, all of which look adorable, according to visiters.

There is no fine line between city and countryside. Gardens and forests grow on top of blocks of flats and sky-scrapers, and each soviet shares communal gardens. The nation is one of the most pitturesque in the world.

Philosophy and Mathematics:

These are considered an art, just like everything else. The progressive eductaion system, based on education not indoctriantion and learning not examination (indeed the pupils are never assessed. Education goes on until at least the age of thirty, by which time the student will be mature enough to know what they are good at and what they want to do. They do not need incessant tests to chop and change them until they fit into simple categories), has allowed the nation to produce some of the world's most intelligent people.

Philosophy is about a balance between chaos and order, empiricism and rationalism, materialism and idealism and this is reflected in the nation's balanced philosophical ways. Despite this, even before post-modernity, most accepted that truth itself is relative and that there may well be no reality outside of perception. Maybe it was this that allowed the nation to be saved from becoming yet another capitalist despotism following the collapse of the Atlantic Alliance a few years ago.


The nation is situated around a lake, Lake Finity, which is inbetween the Desert of Order and the Forests of Chaos. The nation is vast and sparsley populated, but it is full of lush forests, hills, glades and mountains.

Most communities are in the form of secular monasteries or democratic soviets. Each gives all people equal rights both economically and civilally, unlike most other nations. Representatives from each community meet in Dafitopiapolis to discuss the running of the country.

The country devotes itself to education and the environment. The society is completely sustainable, causing no pollution. All the wealth and property are divided fairly among the people, and animals are given equal moral staus to people.


The population of Dafitopiapolis grows rapdily, which seems to be suspicious as most families do not have more than one child. This may or may not be because they let almost any immigrant enter their fine nation.

The main race is human, however there are also many half-elves, elves, dwarves, centaurs, orcs, goblins etc. Trouble makers are not tolerated and may be exiled from the nation.


Dafitopiapolis' central government, the Concilliate (pronounced Con-cil-ee-ate, not Con-sil-ee-ate) is held in Dafitopiapolis. It is based on direct democracy and proportional representation.

The concilliate holds little power, however, for most is controlled by each local democratic soviet. These are people's councils with no ballot access rules in which every local citisen or immigrant takes part to discuss how the local government should be run.

The land is shared out among the people, according to need and people work for the general benefit of their soviet, which also naturally benefits themselves. They give according to ability and take according to need.

Anarchists have often complained that there is still a centralised government, but this has been useful on many occasions, such as at times of war, fascist uprisings and for the nationalised monorail network. Any citisen will tell you that they live a happy and contented life.

Dafitopiapolis considers itself a left-communist state, although in reality the state has already been dissolved, making it virtually anarchist.