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Flag of Dalmenia
Motto: "Peace, Order, and Good Government."
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Region The Great World of Rune Scape
Capital Ascalon
Official Language(s) Canadian English
Leader King Richard the Lion-Hearted
Population 50 million
Currency Credit ($1 = 1.2176 Credits) 
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The Kingdom of Dalmenia, is a peaceful, semi-capitalist nation in the region of The Great World of RuneScape. It is governed by King Richard and his democratic government. The nation's prime religion is Christianity which are split up into different branchs. Buddhists and atheists are the biggest religious minorities.

Dalmenia is an island, known for its tropical climate. Rainforests and fields are covering most of the surface. Most cities are on the coasts, Ascalon is a remarkable exception. The northern part as well as the southern part are the most densely populated, the central part however has only a few cities.

Dalmenia is inhabitated by different peoples, tribes and ethnic groups, most important are the Inuit, Minokaje from the north, the Sioux and Cree from central Dalmenia, the Aztec and Mayan from the south. Through emigration and the need to flee during historical wars, they are found everywhere in Dalmenia.

The Dalmenian capitol Ascalon has no economical or cultural importance at all. The economical and cultural center is Ashford, which is by far the biggest city in Dalmenia. Rural exodus created a few important cities: Ashford, Sippar, Shuruppak and Nimrud.