Damoen Wasterin

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Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin
Full Name
Damoen Jadiern Ashveil Wasterin
Royal Kinship
Brother of Princess Ameria Wasterin
Marital Status
His Royal Highness Crown Prince Regent Damoen Wasterin of the Grand Kingdom of Aerion

HRH Crown Prince Regent Damoen Wasterin is the Crown Prince of Aerion, and acting Head of State as Prince Regent. He is the son of Prince Jadiern Wasterin, and brother to Princess Ameria Wasterin. He is the nephew of King Wasterin X.

In a great tragedy, his first wife, Princess Cathrana Wasterin died in an accident shortly after he was declared Head of State leaving their daughter Princess Rasheena.

He was was largely confined with his sister to his father's country estate for several years in the southern provinces. This was for their protection as the Royal Family were held captive, if not imprisoned by various regimes in their estate until King Wasterin X established the Monarchy once again. His mother, also deceased, was the daughter of an wealthy Aerionian businessman on the Board of Directors of Aerionian Motor Works.

He is one of the only surviving members of the Royal House of Wasterin.

Upon the death of King Wasterin X, he and his family were forced to flee the country to The Resurgent Dream due to a brief military coup. Following the fall of the military coup in a peaceful transition, Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin was declared Prince Regent and Head of State with the support of the people.

He is known to be an somewhat isolated individual, interacting only with his closest advisors and personal servants. He is known to be very thoughtful.

Styles of
Crown Prince Damoen Wasterin
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style Prince Regent

Recent Activity

The greatest scandal is that the Crown Prince has not yet taken the crown, choosing to rule as Prince Regent as Acting Head of State.

The Crown Prince has recently been criticized by the largely nonreligious population for his public conversion to Makan Buddhism and appointing an Makan Buddhist Lama as his Royal Spiritual Advisor.