Danaan Ministry for Religion

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The Danaan Ministry for Religion is a Cabinet-level Government ministry in the Resurgent Dream. It deals with a wide variety of issues in cooperation with the other ministries. In particular, the Ministry provides guidance for various state agencies to operate in a manner sensitive to various Danaan faith communities, provides guidance for the enforcement of non-discrimination laws in problematic circumstances, provides guidance in creating policy on the provision military chaplains to serve the needs of the Resurgent Dream's religiously diverse Armed Forces adequately, and provides guidance to the Danaan Census on categorizing data on religion. Although it provides guidance for policies of many other ministries, the Ministry has no authority in its own right.

The Ministry for Religion is largely seen as a holdover from the days when Danaanism was the official religion of the Resurgent Dream. During this time, the Ministry had substantial authority to provide state support for the official faith. When the Resurgent Dream became a predominantly Christian nation, it abandoned the idea of having an established Church on the national level as a violation of people's religious freedoms and as insensitive to the nation's theological diversity, leaving no real room for any Government sponsored forays into the area of religion. The Parliament justifies keeping the Ministry at Cabinet-level, despite the lack of corresponding authority, on the grounds that the nation's spiritual needs and desires should have a voice in the highest councils of state.

It is by far the smallest Cabinet-level ministry in the Resurgent Dream with only 155 full-time employees.