Danaan Orthodox Church

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The Danaan Orthodox Churchis one of the several autocephalous Eastern Orthodox Churches which recognize Stephanus III as the ecumenical patriarch of the Eastern Orthodox Communion. It was recognized as autocephalous in 1802.

Supreme authority is vested in the synod of all the diocesan bishops under the presidency of the Archbishop of Aristonople and All the Resurgent Dream. The synod deals with general church questions. The Standing Synod is under the same presidency and consists of the Primate and 25 bishops serving on a semi-rotating basis. Traditionally, at any given time, the bishops on the Standing Synod represent all different parts of the Resurgent Dream.

Graduates from church-run seminaries, may be ordained as deacons and eventually priests . They are allowed to marry before their ordination as deacons, but not afterwards. Alternatively they may enter monasteries and/or take monastic vows. If they possess a university degree in theology they become eligible as candidates to the episcopate. The Church, in recent years acquird its own radio stations and is also involved in some television work. While women are not eligible for ordination into the priesthood, they are eligible for the office of deaconess. It is an office not currently in use in most Eastern Orthodox Church's but one which has been used the past by most of them. It is a matter of practical and political, but not thelogical, controversy.