Dance 2 Revolution

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Dance 2 Revolution

Dance 2 Revolution
Flag of Dance 2 Revolution
Motto: "Jump, Jump, Jump DDR!"
National Anthem: D2R - Naoki
No Map Available Yet
Region The League
Capital Maedo
Official Language(s) English
Leader Naoki Maeda
Population 6.75 billion
Currency Credit (1 credit = $1.6027) 
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The 4-Panel State of Dance 2 Revolution is a huge, economically powerful nation which prides itself on the social and economic freedoms it gives to it's citizens. The national sport is "Dance Dance Revolution", a four-to-eight panel viedo game designed by Konami. This is closely followed by football.

The History of Dance 2 Revolution

Dance 2 Revolution started out as a small, hard-nosed nation in the continent of FIFA (FIFA has since been dissolved and the landmass that FIFA claimed has been split between several bordering continents). Quickly allying itself with it's neighbours on the western border, Kaze Progressa, Dance 2 Revolution disposed of the hostile nation of Dancing Stage to the east in the Kaze-Revolution/DS war. The conclusion of the war was at "The Battle of INSERTiA" when the Dancing Stage army leader, Toem Be, was captured. Dancing Stage would eventually hold the now capital city of Dance 2 Revolution, Maedo.

Dance 2 Revolution continued to grow for next 43 years, joining in the international stage for sporting events. During one World Cup event, The Dance 2 Revolution government spoke out over the actions of the Everybody Dies football team after matchday 3 qualifiers. This caused unrest between the two sets of supporters and several qualifiers during the world cup were disrupted by suicide attacks from Everybody Dies supporters.

After it had been confirmed that the identity of the attackers was from Everybody Dies, Dance 2 Revolution declared war against the country. This war was one of the most one-sided in world history as Dance 2 Revolution took advantage of the Everybody Dies stereotypical attack formation and equipment. In what is now called "Battle Revolutionary-Least Offensive", an army of 500 took out the entire 75,000 army of Everybody Dies with 3 calculated attacks. The explosion from the army's explosives from defeat could be heard from the middle of Kaze Progressa (as it has been reported from several citizens at the time). The crater created from the simultaneous explosion is still visable in the deep south areas of Dance 2 Revolution.

Several years later, Dance 2 Revolution was then invaded by Revolutionarian Island and the population managed to escape over the border to Kaze Progressa. Dance 2 Revolution raised an army of Revolutionarian patriots and allied with the Kaze Progressian Defensive Arms. After many battles, Dance 2 Revolution finally managed to push the Revolutionarian Island's forces to retreat in the Battle of the Paranoic Regions.

Since then, Dance 2 Revolution invaded The Revolutionarian Island and defeated them on the coasts. The Revolutionarian Island has now merged with Dance 2 Revolution under 'The Revolutionarian Treaty'.

After the dissolving of the Kaze Progressian government, Dance 2 Revolution took over the land mass and citizens of Kaze Progressa and so now Dance 2 Revolution occupies the majority of the Northern League landmass.

Sporting Achievements:

Baptism of Fire (WC12) Champions

Cup of Harmony 4 Finalists

World Cup 17 Finalists (Rejistania 1 - 0 Dance 2 Revolution (After Extra Time))

World Cup 19 3rd Place (def. Total n Utter Insanity 1-0)

Cup of Harmony 22 Winners

Cup of Harmony 28 Winners

Highest Footballing Rank: 1st Current Footballing Rank: N/Ath