Daniel III

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Emperor Daniel III
1891 - 1912
Granted the Empire's first written constitution.

Emperor Daniel III, the great-grandson of Joshua I, came to the throne at the end of a turbulent period in Excalbian history. Following the death of its first Emperor in 1831, Excalbia saw a rapid succession of monarchs as both sons of Joshua I and three of his grandsons followed him to the throne in a span of only 57 years, with one of them alone - Samuel II, a grandson of Joshua I - reigning for 26 years.

Daniel III came to the throne after the death of his cousin, David II, who had succeeded Daniel's father, David I, only three years earlier. The confusing lines of succession and the frequent political conflicts over succession between the imperial family and the nobility led the Imperial Senate to urge the Emperor to authorize the drafting of a written constitution. After several years of resisting the Senate's call, Daniel III finally granted the Senate permission to write a constitution in 1904. He signed the Excalbian Constitution in 1906.

Ironically, Daniel was succeeded by two of the Excalbia's longest reigning monarchs - his daughter, Mary I, who reigned for 30 years and his grandson, Joshua II, who reigned for 27 years.