Daniela Caralli

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Daniela Caralli
March 3, 1980
Ramandona, Liparegna, Union Territories
May 26, 2007

Daniela Caralli is a member of the Nord-Brutlandese diplomatic corps.


Caralli was born in the village of Ramandona, island of Liparegna, Union Territories, to Damiano and Francesca Caralli. She was educated in the public school systems.

She took college at Liparegna Public University, taking a double major of Political Science and International Relations. After college, she took the exam for diplomats, and passed.


The South Pacific

The Nord-Brutlandese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finisterretto d’Alfare Ellena, FAE) assigned Caralli to the Mission of the Permanent Representative of Brutland and Norden to the South Pacific under Ambassador and MP Kyle Irvine Lambourne. There, Lambourne patiently trained her and made her his Acting Deputy Ambassador. Caralli is the one frequently voting on UN Resolutions in the South Pacific Forum, except when Lambourne is there and is willing to debate.

The FAE replaced Caralli with Gisela Trossefini and transferred her to the home office on April 2, 2007.


When the kingdom opened diplomatic relations with The Incorporated States of Nightfalcon on May 26, 2007, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Finisterre d'Alfari Ellena, FAE) nominated Caralli to the post. The House of Lords, confirmed her the next day.


Nord-Brutlandese Foreign Affairs