Danzir Garahildim

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Danzir Garahildim
Nationality 22pixStarblaydiFlag.jpg Starblaydi
Hometown Karak D'Ragh
Position Right/Centre-Back
Caps 58
Goals 3
U21 Caps 18
U21 Goals 3
Clubs played for Tabeck FC
Teams managed None
World Cup 25 Winner

Danzir Garahildim is a young Dwarf, precisely in the mould of the great Khim Azanulbizarn. He went to 4 seperate Under-21 World Cups, captaining the team for the 18th installment where Starblaydia made it to the last eight.

Coming from the same club as Azanulbizarn, in the same vague position (full-back), as well as being a Dwarf - Danzir had a lot to live up to, but the Dwarven (and human) fans of TFC are behind him all the way. He soon proved himself as the Starting Right-back for when Starblaydia won World Cup 25. Though he is often thought of as being the one at fault for Rejistania's opening goal - and was substituted at half-time - he still played a vital part in Starblaydia's greatest-ever sporting acheivement.

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Giovanni Lopez
Starblaydi Under-21 Captains
Under-21 World Cup 18
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