Dark Celene

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Dark Celene
Flag of Dark Celene
Motto: No rest for the wicked
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Region Blades of Conquest
Capital Enstad
Official Language(s) English, Russian
Leader Sadildir
Population 2.232 billion
Currency bone 
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Dark Celene is ruled by a dictatorship government, which is rumored to be made only of undead skeletons. The head of the government is known as Sadildir, but other then his name, very little is known about this mysterious person.

The backbone of Dark Celene is its compulsory military service, which is the only way for a common man to gain any position of power. The civilians (women, those unfit for military service, and those who chose to quit the military after compulsory ten yeas of service) are despised by the government and majority of militarists alike; civilians are usually referred to as “human resources”, and women are often referred to as “breeders” instead (although many of them are working in addition to raising children). The civilians have almost no civil rights, effectively following the same strict discipline that exists in military, and their choice of work is limited with one government-run industry or another, without any chances of rising above the position of a common worker.

The priesthood (which is wholly made of retired veterans), on the other hand, is widely respected by militarists and civilians alike, and only the ruling elite stands above them.

Dark Celene’s religion centers around worship to three deities: Hextor, God of War and lawful, disciplined Evil; Vecna, God of Secrets and neutral, selfish Evil; and Erythnul, God of Slaughter and chaotic, destructive Evil. All three deities are feared and revered in equal measure.

Collectively, Hextor, Vecna and Erythnul are known as Three Dark Divinities.

Dark Celene's image song is Nemo


Dark Celene currently severes as Field Commander in Blades of Conquest.

Regions under Dark Celene's control

Dark Celene currently doesn't hold delegacy in any region.

Dark Celene has founder’s control over the following regions:

Notable UN rankings

  • On 15th January 2007, Dark Celene was ranked 1st in The Green Weed Region and 268th in the world for Most Corrupt Governments.
  • On 20th March 2007, Dark Celene was ranked 1st in The Old Raiding Club and 929th in the world for Most Extreme Nations.

Dark Celene's history

Rolling the Bones

Shortly after being founded, Dark Celene moved into the region of Roll the Bones. There, Dark Celene was soon granted the position of Head of Defense, and came into conflict with the nation of Malecki Clan for the position of Roll the Bones' UN Delegate. Although Dark Celene was slowly winning the elections, despite being repeatedly befouled by Malecki Clan, the arrival of a several new nations, including Aquatnis, changed the situation dramatically, and Dark Celene was forced to endorse Aquatnis in order to prevent their rival from assuming the position of Roll the Bones' UN Delegate.

Bitter over their failure to become Roll the Bones’ UN Delegate and unable to accept their defeat graciously, Malecki Clan left Roll the Bones, getting even more bitter when no self-respecting region was willing to accept them as their UN Delegate. Starting with 27th June 2005, Malecki Clan attempted to vandalize the Dark Celene’s NSwiki page a several times, before NSwiki Admins have finally put a stop to Malecki Clan’s vandalization attempts on 30th June 2005.

With Malecki Clan dealt with, Dark Celene began its long and glorious career as a successful invader; and on 5th July 2005, Dark Celene lead Roll the Bones’ first successful invasion, overtaking the region of A Better Place.

Since then, Dark Celene participated in numerous invasions and personally led their second successful invasion.

However, on 13th August 2005, Roll the Bones' founder, Racing Bowser left his region to fight for defenders' cause. This forced Dark Celene to resign as Head of Roll the Bones' Military and turn to freelancing.

Freelancing Time

Despite having no region to call home, aside from mostly inactive Freelancers Guild, Dark Celene never ceased their military operations, and since 15th 'till 16th August 2005, Dark Celene stood alongside with defenders to prevent Alliance Defense Network from overtaking the Old Raiding Club.

On 25th August 2005, Dark Celene joined their new region, Children of the Grave. However, Dark Celene didn't stay with Children of the Grave for long, and on 6th September Dark Celene left them and moved into Invaders Training Facility in order to apply to join the famous invader alliance, known simply as Invaders.

While Dark Celene was with Children of the Grave, and later, while Dark Celene waited for the formal admission into Invaders, Dark Celene never stopped its military operations. On 26th August 2005, Dark Celene aided their allied region of Lucky Strike to secure Roll the Bones as their province, and on 9th September 2005 Dark Celene aided the very same Lucky Strike to conquer the region of Tir Nan Og.

Soon after the victory in Tir Nan Og, however, Dark Celene left this region to participate in another mission - invasion/revolution in the region of the Anumist Revolution. On 22nd September 2005, when the founder of the Anumist Revolution ceased to exist, this operation was officially declared successful.


A while after completing their last successful freelance operation - invasion/revolution in the region of the Anumist Revolution, Dark Celene began their formal training in Invaders Training Facility. On the very next day, 15 October 2005, Dark Celene participated in successful training invasion into the region of 00000000000000Communism lives. However, after the first training mission, Real Life issues forced Dark Celene to quit invading. Eventually, Dark Celene relocated themselves into the Old Raiding Club, where they stayed for quite a long time.

At first, after partially returning back to activity, Dark Celene use their endorsement to support Delegacy of Extreme Faith in the Old Raiding Club, but they soon started using it to support other invasions or assist raiders in holding the regions they took. For instance, since 10th 'till 13th December 2006, Dark Celene assisted Invaders Army in invading and overtaking-through-refounding the region of the Raiders. On the same day, 13th December 2006, Dark Celene invoked their final act of vengeance against Malecki Clan by overtaking-through-refounding the last region Malecki Clan resided in before they ceased to exist - Grenland Sea Basin.

On the very next day, 14th December 2006, Dark Celene assisted Corporate Conservative in protecting their colony of USPO from defender's assault. Dark Celene kept their endorsement in USPO for several days, supporting Corporate Conservative's control over this region, before moving on to other operations.

Back on the Warpath

Oath of Vengeance

Dark Celene's semi-retirement, which by that time could hardly be considered a retirement at all, finally came to an end when rogue fendas from San Francisco Bay Area and their stoned friends from Marijuana Militia invaded the raider region of HIVE on 19th December 2006. Outraged by this blatant display of vandalism towards the crippled raider region, Sadildir swore by Three Dark Divinities to return to fighting for the glory of raiders all over the NationStates. Following that, Dark Celene oragnized and personally led several attempts to retake HIVE from defenders hands, all of which, however, invariably failed due defenders' alertness and sheer numbers.

However, all these failures did nothing to break Dark Celene's fighting spirit, and they merely continued to conduct opperations elsewhere. On 26th December 2006, Dark Celene overtook the region of Eternity through re-founding, and on the very next day, 27th December 2006, Dark Celene took part in Crusader Army's successful invasion into Iraq. However, the occupation of Iraq was crushed a few days later, when Sadildir was away for New Year holidays, due to use of UN Multies on the part of Crusader Army. Soon after Sadildir's unannouced return into office, another invader force met the same fate - when almost entire armies of New Katia, the New Britannian World Order and Kilroy Group were wiped out for using UN Multies in their occupation of the region of ARLINGTON. It was then Dark Celene suddenly stepped forward, personally assuming the delegacy in ARLINGTON in the name of New Katia on 8th January 2007. But even while their endorsement was deployed in ARLINGTON, Dark Celene found other creative ways of furthering raiders' cause, and on 10th January 2007 Dark Celene overtook the Green Weed Region through re-founding even as the members of Green weed region were preparing to re-found their original region themselves.

Fall of ARLINGTON and Unrest in TT

Dark Celene held delegacy in ARLINGTON for twenty days, before it was overtaken by SFBA and MM on 28th January 2007. But as always, Dark Celene demonstrated their ability to stand firm despite all the setbacks they have suffered, and in but a few days Dark Celene was back into action, assisting their allies in Rozalia in securing their home region of Tiamat Tantrum against possible revolution and fenda invasion on 31st January 2007. Unfortunately, Rozalia lost control over TT in but a few days, when several members of SFBA moved into the region on 4th Febuary 2007, transferring the delegacy in TT back to its previous delegate, Miei sogni, and making Dark Celene's UN puppet of HighIander and Rozalia depart from TT. The only thing that brightened the situation was that on the very same day, Dark Celene regained control over their ancestral region of Roll the Bones through re-founding.

Soon after HighIander and Rozalia left TT, however, more SFBA memebers together with their allies from MM moved into TT and attempted to overtake delegacy for themselves by endorsing their own point man of Golden Gangstas. When this happened, HighIander and Rozalia didn't hesitate to return back to TT to defend it from vultures.

Reclaiming of ARLINGTON and the End of Raiding Age

Vultures from MM appeared to be totally in control of ARLINGTON, but it lasted only until they attempted to re-found it. Dark Celene took this opportunity to strike against vultures from MM, outdoing them once again by re-founding ARLINGTON in their stead. Right now, ARLINGTON is back to business once again: raiders and even honorable defenders are welcome to put their puppet nations to rest there, or just stop by.

With ARLINGTON taken from vultures' claws, Dark Celene completely ceased their raiding activity, keeping their UN puppet of HighIander in Tiamat Tantrum. When TT's Delegate Miei sogni has finally ceased to exist on 8th April 2007, HighIander assumed the position of TT's Delegate to complete re-making it into a memorial to what it once stood for.

With both TT and ARLINGTON safe from vultures, Dark Celene have finally officially announced their retirement from raiding activity, in Sadildir's own words, "for uncertainly long period of time".

A New Beginning

This “uncertainly long period of time" came to an abrupt end on 17th June 2007, when Desert ratz, High Chancellor of Blades of Conquest offer Dark Celene the position of Field Commander in Blades of Conquest. And Dark Celene, who by then got somewhat bored in their retirement, didn’t hesitate to accept it. In Blades of Conquest, Dark Celene immediately took active part in re-organizing the region's military, and on 23rd June 2007 they led their first raid with Blades of Conquest, successfully taking over ACCEL region of Ad Republica.

Dark Celene's military record

  • Led 7 successful invasions
  • Participated in 9 successful invasions
  • Participated in 4 successful defenses