David Davinci

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David Davinci
State-Secretary of Foreign Economic Policy
Order of the Invisible Hand

David Davinci is a former corporate executive with too much time on his hands. He is rather old, for a Knootian, and comes from a distinguished family, which has landed him an inheritance big enough to lead a cosy life of luxury. Nevertheless, he strives to be a man of importance in the better parts of society.

Davinci has a flat face which usually carries a serene expression. He speaks in a refined, archaic Dutch with a gentle, patronizing intonation. He has a bald, shining head which is usually scented. He is a good friend of the enthusiastic - sometimes impetuous - forty year old Anna de Meer. He also has a manservant who, unbeknownst to him, is an agent from The Weegies.

Davinci was on the Pink Bunny Cola Incorporated Board of Executives, although his association with the day-to-day operations of the corporation was minimal. More importantly, however, are his critical links to the Order of the Invisible Hand and the government, especially the RCPK and SLP parties. He is enthusiastic about the Market philosophy espoused by the Order, although he does not bother to practice these principles very much in his own life. He became state-secretary of Foreign Economic Policy in the government of Jan Willem Daatman and had to give up some of his more lucrative corporate positions because of this.